Detainee Expresses Displeasure About Jail, Says Towels Are Too Small

A double-murder suspect has filed a complaint about his jail — whingeing that the towels are too small, the temperature isn’t right and there are not enough options on the menu.

The suspect, Adam Landerman, 21, is a son of a police officer and is now awaiting trial.

Landerman is not happy with his conditions at the Will County Adult Detention Facility and has filed a 15-count complaint asking a judge to improve the prison, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Among his gripes: the towels are too small, the temperature is not to his liking, the menu does not have enough variety.

He also complains about a lack of barber services, and says items sold in the prison commissary are too expensive.

He’s also upset that no breakfast is served after 6.30am, says lunch is too early, and wants free shaving cream for inmates.

“We’re not a hotel, we’re a jail,” says Will County Sheriff’s Deputy Chief Ken Kaupas in response.

“We treat all of our in-custodies in a fair way.”

Landerman’s complaint also says the rules of the jail are vague and inmates are “routinely penalised for rule violations which are completely taken out of context.”

Landerman is in jail awaiting court on double-murder charges for grisly slaying of Terrance Rankins and Eric Glover at their home in Joliet, Illinois in 2013.

Along with his alleged accomplices, Landerman lured the victims to a home, then robbed and strangled them to death.

Police say Landerman and the other alleged killers Joshua Miner, Bethany McKee and Alisa Massaro, continued to party over their victim’s dead bodies.

McKee then fled the scene and confessed to her father, who called police. Cops raced to the crime scene, where they arrested Landerman and his co-accused.