Drunken Passenger Almost Opens Plane Door While Trying to Find Bathroom


A drunken Ryanair passenger who was taking his first-ever flight almost made it a doozy when he nearly opened the plane door while searching for the bathroom.

While he was on a flight from Krakow to Dublin, Tomasz Mucha tried to open the back door.

The 26-year-old was intoxicated at the time of the incident after drinking vodka and beer before the flight to calm his nerves and continuing to drink once he got onboard.

Mucha would have been successful in opening the door and even managed to get its handle up, except the pressure in the plane prevented him from doing so, the Independent reported.

Staff members quickly descended on Mucha and returned him to his seat. He was arrested when the plane finally landed at Dublin Airport.

“Do you realize how serious it could have been?” Judge James Faughnan asked during Mucha’s court appearance. “Yes,” was his only reply.

He was fined about $270.


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