Excellent Tips to Overcome Discouragement


Who hasn’t seen one of the old classic movies wherein the main character or someone with him ends up stepping down into quicksand? What’s the one thing they tend to do first? They panic. Most of us have a visceral reaction to a sudden or unexpected encounter with an unknown experience.

Geologists tell us that quicksand rarely claims the life of a person being only a few feet deep. In fact, your body will float if you allow yourself to relax. With quicksand, the ground becomes liquefied because of an oversaturation of water. We see it all the time along the beach shoreline. Some sections are packed solid, while others are a bit squishy.

Stepping into quicksand can be a problem, but it becomes a bigger problem only if you panic and began thrashing about which makes it harder for your body to float. Quicksand offers a terrific metaphor for discouragement.

Just as quicksand can be found anywhere with the right conditions, we can encounter discouragement in just about any situation if the conditions are right. It doesn’t just appear out of nowhere. Your thoughts and desires combined create those conditions. In other words, your emotions are a spontaneous response to what you think or want in a given situation.

Climbing out requires the effort to adjust your mind set. Changing your attitude, opinions, and expectations will help you shift or “float” up and out of the quicksand of discouragement.

Take a look at these daunting reasons for never tolerating it:

1. The intensity of discouragement can create a sense of being paralyzed.

2. Discouragement, if intense enough, can be blinding. Seeing your way above it takes tremendous effort.

3. More relationships are destroyed by discouragement than most of us know. If left unchecked, the motivation you need to create a more satisfying relationship will vanish!

4. The irresistible nature of this passion can quickly induce overwhelm. The longer you allow discouragement to linger the more overpowered you’ll began to feel because of it.

Your magnificent ability to think and reason, to choose and act enables you to climb out and stay out of the quicksand of discouragement. Your emotions, no matter how strong, will submit to your thoughts, choices and actions. Are you overwhelmed by discouragement? Ask yourself, “What are you thinking about your situation and what do you want?” Then ask, “What are you willing to do differently?”

Source: excelle.monster.com


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