Exclusive: Lack of jobs forces Prostitution in Makurdi

Prositution rampant despite Aids predicament

Prositution rampant despite Aids predicament

Brothels are home of the most desperate girls on earth, well as people see them.

But despite this down-ward spiral acknowledgment, they are also patronized by even celebrities- Which apparently illustrates their necessity to mankind.

The girls in the organization are seen as inferior materials, with no ambition in life other than having sex with a customer, and getting their reward of cash.

With Benue State having the highest HIV/AIDS mortality, it’s no surprise that patronizing Brothels in the state has been greatly affected, and that has made life unbearable for the girls in the system.

Unprotected sex has been the trademark of sexual intercourse practice in the state, which has culminated to HIV spreading like wide fire.

The mentality as aforementioned that the sex workers are low-life illiterates with no hope in life, but with this visit, are false and illogical.

A Colossal of them are forced into the job due to lack of orientation, unfortunate life challenges and free-will.

Visiting most brothels during the day like the one we visited is as a cemetery at night- Quiet and Isolated.

The girls were not prepared to give anyone an audience, as they were busy with chores- preparing for what the night unveils.

Though, not all the girls in the system stay in the brothel. An impeccable source told Information Nigeria that majority of them are either students or workers, using their income from this so-called lucrative business to aid their financial thirst.

By night everything changes in this place. Music was blaring from the bar downstairs- Men were witnessed negotiating sex-prices with the girls- It was like a busy market scene.

Speaking to the girls

After what seemed like a planned decision not to reveal, some of the girls finally spoke to Information Nigeria. Ene, a graduate from Benue State University, shared her ordeal.

‘’Most people feel we do this dirty thing because we want to ‘’ she began, ‘’if I had a choice I wouldn’t.‘’

Since her above statement is bound to come under scrutiny by our readers, we inquired into why working in a brothel must be an option to resort to, when they are other lucrative or menial jobs lurking around.

‘’It’s the fastest way to make money’’, she replied. ‘’There’s no job and am an orphan, I sponsor myself and my junior brother. He was in the Public Primary school, but due to the strike, I was forced to transfer him to a private one”’

Tears began to roll down her cheeks, as we offered a handkerchief.

‘’Am not ashamed to do this despite being educated. There is so much sexism in this state to getting a job; people see ladies as inferior beings and sex materials, if the government wouldn’t wand into the issue of lack of jobs, I won’t stop this’’

A sober Ene’s comments even explains the worrying issue of jobs in Benue State.

For example, the aristocracy and their associates are evenly presented with the privilege of working in state government ministries, but the lower class don’t have that same opportunity.

Realistically, State Government ministries in Makurdi are the only jobs that are capable of satisfying the average man’s needs.

Miriam, a 5ft6, fair in complexion mother, who has worked in the brothel for over 3 years sadly noted the state having the highest HIV/AIDS victims has disrupted their once vibrant business.

‘’It’s hard down here for a B**** I must tell you, we don’t get customers like before, as them dey fear sey we go infect them.’’

Madam Esther Waziri, who is an activist for child marriage in Benue, refuted the girls claim that looking for jobs in the state is an arduous task. She noted that they are other girls of their caliber making good use of their life. And acquiring ‘’Fast Money‘’ is simply an illusion in Nigeria. She also launched a scathing attack to the girls for using their bodies to make money. “Everybdy would be judge by God in the final day.‘’ She retorted.

But with rehabilitation and counseling centers non-existence on the state, our writer wondered if any of these girls were planning to come clean, what line of action they embark on.

‘’They ask God for forgiveness and turn a new leaf’’ Madam Esther replied.

Despite the influx of new churches from the mother bodies; adding to the already gigantic number present, it’s logical to name Benue a religious and peaceful state. But that is only an opinion. With Robbery cases rampant in the state, coupled with abhorrent killings by Fulani Herdsmen, and young boys involving themselves in the sinister of methods to make money, it invokes a disturbing question- Do the people really follow God?

Some of the girls in the brothel still feel prostitution should be legal in Nigeria, as everybody has a right to how they want to dictate and live their life. ‘’I see nothing wrong in having sex for money ‘’ Amaka angrily expressed her unsatisfactory treatment of prostitutes.

“We shouldn’t focus on the girls alone’’ she continued. ‘’ they are widowers around us, who do they run to for sex.’’



  1. Oga get ur facts straight before u publish rubbish, Benue does not have the highest prevalence of Aids, that was the case 3 years ago..Rivers has the highest prevalence state now


  2. In mexico, the women make things with their hands, and sell them to make money. Anything is possible. Prostitution is also present. From washing windshields, to making pastries, there are so many ways to create a living. God bless those who are subject to this life style.


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