FG Has Joined Silent War Against Islam – MURIC

The federal government has commenced a crackdown on Islamic scholars, Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) alleged on Sunday as it raised the alarm over the abduction of an Islamic scholar, Ustadh Abdul

The Ogun State cleric and his wife, Shakirah were allegedly whisked away by suspected government agents at gun point while at their home located on Fagbemi Street, Off Ntabo Bus Stop, Ijoko, near Sango in Ado Odo Ota Local Government of Ogun State.

MURIC alleged that the abduction, which occurred at about 3.00a.m. on Saturday was carried out by soldiers,
who reportedly arrived in three vehicles, dressed in plain clothes.

Public Relations Officer of the Ogun State Police Command, Muyiwa Adejobi, however denied knowledge of
the incident as no official report of the incident has been made.

MURIC, in a statement by its director, Ishaq Akintola therefore charged security agents in the state to
produce the scholar and his wife, and arraign them in court within 48 hours of arrest as stated in the law.

Mr. Akintola said Ustadh Abdul Ganiy owns an Arabic school (madrasat) and teaches both working class and school children in Arabic and Islamic Studies in the area.

Since the abduction, no one has been contacted about the whereabouts of the couple, the group said.

“The Muslim Rights Concern, MURIC, charges Nigerian security agents to produce the Islamic scholar and his wife whose abduction has started
creating tension among Muslims in the whole South West. We remind the security agents that nothing warrants such night invasion since there is no state of emergency in the region,” the
statement stated.

“We suspect that this may be the beginning of a crackdown on scholars of Islam in Yorubaland in particular and the whole Southern Nigeria in
general as part of the silent war on Islam in Western-dominated parts of the world,” Mr. Akintola added.

The group said the suspicion is fuelled by the allegation that another Lagos-based Islamic scholar also disappeared last week. He also recalled that the mysterious disappearance of Razaq Gawat, a popular Lagos-based Islamic
socialite and televangelist is yet to be explained after about 14 months.

“It is on record that millions of Muslims were killed in former Yugoslavia in the 90s. Muslims in
Myanmar (formerly Burma) were burned in public and their homes destroyed in 2013. Anti-Balaka
Christian militants also recently hunted down, slaughtered or roasted hundreds of Muslims in the Central African Republic. In July this year, China banned fasting among Muslims. A blind, intolerant and anti-Muslim climate pervades the
globe,” said MURIC.

“Yet while everybody is talking about peace, nobody is talking about justice. MURIC reminds Nigerian authorities that justice is the soul of peace. The same natural law of justice which
stipulates that nobody can eat his cake and have it provides that nobody can deny one (justice) and still enjoy the other (peace).”

Mr. Akintola said the killing of Muslims by Nigeria’s Boko Haram may be an orchestrated campaign being waged by unscrupulous elements in disguise with the aim of drastically reducing the population of Muslims in the country.

“We alert the Ogun State Government to this dangerous development. We appeal to Ogun State House of Assembly and the National Assembly to wade into the matter. The people’s
representatives must show concern when innocent citizens start disappearing. Meanwhile we call on Muslims throughout the country to
remain calm and law-abiding,” MURIC said.


  1. Hw sure r u that the so called soldiers r sent by the federal Govt. It high time u let the sleeping dog lie. FG is as blind as u so called Muslim elites

  2. What do dis people really want. They and their fanatical scholars started terrorism and they turn around in blind and mumu allegations that the FG is fighting Islam. If Islam started terrorism in the country, then Islam should be treated as the terrorists they are.

  3. Muslims are not terrorist….we are aware of ol wat u ar planning(FG) 2 reduce the dominant islamic pplation in west africa nd d domint islmc ppltion in nigeria.we northrners we are aware ov dat nd God wil neva let u 2 achieve ur aims….killing,burning,slaughtering nd poisoning of muslims u ar doin is d most terrorism.nd one day one day…

  4. So stupid and ignorant are they to taik abt justice. So stupid are they to take about domination, and so stupid are they to taik about the population.
    What do they know about justice? When even their so called govt are inwardly interested and in support of BK, bt outwardly pretend to be sheikh.
    What do they know about domination? When they have full knowladge of their plan with the Bk.
    What do they know about population? When they have drastically reduce the christians in the north. They have indirectly stated out their plans.

  5. It surprise me to know dat most of u christian hav no common sense to think. Hav u ever ask urself who dominate d north more mosques has been destroy dan d churches dy even went as far as killin an emir who was a muslim yet u still gots to say muslims are behind bk.

  6. These are all the hand work of CAN and Jonathan. But I want to tell u that no weapon fashion against Islam and Muslim shall succeed. We have factual evidence about the Boko Harams. We have seen times without number how non Muslims, mostly Igbos are caught with Bombs but nothing is being done because Jonathan is behind them. Where is Pharoa today? Jonathan will soon become history also and the truth shall be told and karma will surely catch up with everyone. Everybody shall reap what he sawed.


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