Finally Olu Maintain Says: “I’m not a Yahoo boy”


It’s obviously clear to say that this is one of those rumors that was beginning to sound like reality, considering the long period of the claims.

Nigerian singer Olu Maintain has finally come forward to clear the air, stating that he is not a Yahoo boy and has no ties whatsoever with Internet fraud and scams attributing his riches to other non-music related activities.

The singer who broke into the music scene with his single, ‘Yahoozee’, which glorified ’yahoo’ (a popular name for Internet fraud), and who leads a very affluent lifestyle finds it difficult to believe that people would call him a ’yahoo’ boy, and doubt the legitimacy of his wealth.

In an interview, Mr Olu revealed that “It’s kind of strange how people would think that there is more attributed to his success, fame and wealth other than my music saying that he has capitalized on his fame and fortune to open other doors to other arms of business ventures in life and it has paid off, and it’s still paying off.”

Adding that what pays his bills is his brand and his brand is Olu Maintain.


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