Goodluck Jonathan Asks For $1,000,000,000 To Fight Boko Haram

President Goodluck Jonathan asks for $1,000,000,000 for Army equipment modernization.


Jonathan has asked the House of Representatives to grant approval to his government to borrow an external loan of $1bn, approximately equal N165bn.

The president’s inquiry became known during the House’s plenary in Abuja on Wednesday, July 16.

The money is said to be used to upgrade the equipment of the Armed Forces. More details to follow.



  1. Really? I thought we had almost a trillion naira in the 2014 budget for national security and defense. Why should we now go and borrow. Or is it that the trillion naira budget has finished at just about half of the year?

  2. Or can we say that the upgrade of equipments of the Nigerian armed forces was not considered when preparing the 2014 budget. Boko haram did not start this year and its very clear that the budget was prepared when three states were under state of emergency in the north east. There was this allegation of even the soldiers not being paid their allowances at a point in time. I read a story of a certain politician giving an army officer 60million naira to eliminate his senior officer who was alleged to have shot shekau. If that type of money was available to do bad and the ones that are willing to do good are being denied their allowances, does that not discourage the patriotic ones?

  3. Jonathan is a criminal, chai chai, we are in trouble in this country,
    The billions he has spent to eradicate boko haram for the previous is countless,
    And now he want another one! There ris God O


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