Graphic pics: Police van chase okada rider & his passengers to their deaths


This sad incident happened this afternoon. In fact, people are still gathered in the area as you read this

An Okada rider and his 2 male passengers were crushed to death this afternoon at Awoyaya bus-stop  along the Lekki-Epe Express way in Lagos as they were being chased by a police van.

While trying to escape from the police who were chasing them to seize their bike for riding on the express, the Okada, which was in high speed, collided with a BRT bus that crushed them to death.

According to an eye-witness, area boys gathered and burnt the police van. The army had to be brought in to calm the situation. See photos from the incident below.. *warning – graphic content*



  1. Fashola boys! Nigeria security agents are trained to harass unarmed civilians. Boko harams are killing them and civlians everyday but here they are running after okada 4 money. One day my God will answer

  2. Hmmm…. Sad story, actually it is not fair for they are not alive meanwhile Yoruba proverb says ogun agbọtẹlẹ ki nparọ, arọ to ba gbọn. They are riding okada on express not even in their street. If police did not pursue them to death it may come in another way. My comment may look somehow to others, may be. May their souls rest in peace.


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