Gunmen Open Fire On Worshippers In Jos

A group of Muslim worshippers in Bukuru, Jos south local government area of Plateau State has been attacked by unknown gunmen. Three persons were injured.

The incident was said to have occurred around 9:00pm Sunday night during Tarawi prayers, after the Muslims broke their fast.

The Secretary, Bukuru Elders Committee, Bala Baba Mohammed, who confirmed the incident, said the gunmen opened fire at a group of worshippers in a mosque, adding that “sometimes ago, a rocket launcher was shot at us from Gyel, then grenades were also thrown at us, there have also been persistent shootings from the community and we don’t know why they are attacking us”.

It was gathered that two of the victims of the attack, Lawal Muhammad and Bashir Iliyasu are presently receiving treatment at the Airforce hospital in Jos while the third victim has been discharged.

The Special Task Force (STF), Media and Information Officer, Captain Ikedichi Iweha confirmed the attack to DailyTrust on phone saying the situation was brought under control by the task force.


  1. Who are u refering to as ‘they’? are u sure they are not ur brothers the boko harams sects because if pple like them does nt exist there would’nt be all these gun attacks on worshippers like that.

  2. @chrisy,you are one of them(they)you are a complete sentimental animal,what‘s wrong with you?They attacked them,didn‘t they?Are so blind as not to see or think?Don‘t say what you don‘t know,cos if you do?You‘ll see what you don‘t know,be adviced.

  3. @Chrisy and @Eyi … U r sentimental fools! Christians have attacked Muslim’s during worship multitude of times including the one during Sallah celebration. This one could be just like the other ones. Boko haram are idiosyncratic bloodsucking demons, however, its not good to apportion blame to them for every attack that happen as there are lots of miscreants out there that use the present commotion the people are in to perpetrate crimes against humanity. So be watchful u idiots religious bigots.

  4. @aminu,ur stupid name ur oloriburuku parent gave u sound like animal name. Uhnn,aminu = mumu. Idiot set of people. GOD ll destroy nd clear all of una 4 dis nation. Christian only can deliver dis nation nd never say muslim re 4 peace but terrorist !!!

  5. That’s is wat boko haram want to bring enemity btw the christians and the muslims we have to be very careful and be objective it is nt everz muslim that is boko haram or pray five times a day and is nt every christian that goes to church on sunday so we have our individual beliefs and differences it is only wen we unite and look at ourselves as nigerians than we can win this war agains terror, the bomb blast in abuja is directed at who christiians or muslims who is nt affected by the blast, pls let us stop this and use our time and energy to pray for Gods intervention

  6. This so cald Bokos is blv 2 be only northerners meanwhile thr are ibos among them so for anybod 2 say dey er muslim it means d pson cannot fink well

  7. This so cald Bokos is blv 2 be only northerners meanwhile thr are ibos among them so for anybod 2 say dey er muslim it means d pson cannot fink well they are terrorists dats all…..


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