Health Minister Was Merely Speculating On Doctors Strike – NMA

Nma.jpgThe Nigerian Medical Association has punctured the claim by the Minister of Health, Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu that the ongoing doctors’ strike will end on Monday (tomorrow).

The Minister, had on Friday expressed optimism that the nationwide strike, which began on July 1, would be immediately called off after the NMA’s Emergency Delegates Meeting slated for Monday.

Prof. Chukwu was quoted as saying during a press conference in Abuja: “As I speak to you, the government has met its own side of the MoU and it is expected that the members of the NMA would from today (Friday) begin to respond and attend to all emergency cases in public hospitals in the spirit of this understanding.

“It is also expected that the NMA will call off the strike after its Emergency Delegates Meeting scheduled for next Monday, July 7, 2014”.

Responding, NMA president, Dr. Kayode Obembe, who spoke with SUNDAY PUNCH on Saturday, said it was mere speculation that the strike would be called off tomorrow, saying the industrial action would continue until the doctors’ demands were met.

He said, “The Emergency Delegates Meeting of the NMA will decide on Monday. Others are speculating.

“In view of all this, I can say that if government keeps its own side of the bargain, there will be no strike in the foreseeable future. But here is the proviso: they must keep their own side of the bargain”.

The NMA president explained that contrary to the notion held by a section of Nigerians that doctors are insensitive to the plight of their patients, the association is made up of people who feel the plight of Nigerians and laid the blame for recurring strikes in the sector at the door steps of the Federal Government, who he accused of pushing the association ‘to the wall’.

Dr. Obembe said, “Medical doctors in Nigeria are also human beings. We actually feel bad that the association should degenerate to such a condition. We don’t want to take the lives of the Nigerian citizens for a ride.

“But one thing I want to make clear is that we were also pushed to the wall before we had to go to this length. Some of the things we are talking about now, we have been discussing it for years”.


  1. Pride and self-gratification is what I see in the health sector today. Nobody is above others. Different professionals coming together to care for the patients. That’s the focus of all health workers. Everyone plays their role to alleviate patients suffering. Claiming superiority in the administration of the health service is not subject to a particular professional as they claim. Travel out and see. You will found out that nurses are more valuable and respectful than their counterparts. No one knows more than any in the care of the patient. Let us stop this discrimination and let equality and unity rules. Money mongers -remember money is evil. We should be more concern with our characters than reputation.

  2. Info nig/fellow nig. Aren’t we tired of the doctors demands. But what can we do if the government decide to answer every time they go on strike. Their harzard allowances alone is about 100k or so, but tell me is it only doctors that are in the health sector? other health workers harzard alowances is 5k only (nurse esp for a fact). Now tell me who are more close to the patients and who receives more harzard in practice? Sorry to use this word but GREED is eating deep into the MNA.

  3. Madam Joanna, where did you see a pay slip of a Dr. Getting 100k as hazard allowance? You don’t have to lie to prove a point, get your facts right and don’t let anger or envy make you fall.into more sin because they are sins in themselves. If you want to study medicine, please go and write JAMB, last time I checked, there was no ban on writing jamb or going into med school, it’s just intelligence needed to get high scores. Oh, sorry, you aren’t that intelligent that’s why you couldn’t make the cut off point. Pele, ehn

  4. Dupe u amaze me, bf u say jack doctors will say “go and write jamb and study medicine too” shame on u then if dat all that there is ti to u and ur so-called medicine. Noble proffession in deed. Hw noble is dat proffession that has no value for ppls lives rather, sees it as a tool to hold its country hostage inorder to get its selfish demand.I rather b a capenter than being part of a sick proffession suffering from superiority complex.

  5. it’s no doctor’s fault. what would you say of GEJ led government who is encouraging illegality by going into trade discuss with NMA. NMA does not have the legal right to do this. pls note, if Fgn can’t face d reality, there will b no pease. NMA the end has com to your arrogance and self centeredness which do not let you c from the international point of views. is it possible to carve our Nigeria’s health from the health standard of the global village.

  6. @omotade , we all know your intent which is not gear toward patients care and well-being but anarchy and selfish interest pervade your unholy alliance called joe hates u. Rather than stop being lazy and go to medic school pple like you decided to take a short cut to the enviousposition and bribe your way up cos of the kind of govt we have. We are know you are fighting for your pocket but not to contribute any good to health system . Failed pple . Mtchewwww
    Let see you fighting your own brother

  7. @Joanna or whats is that your name.lier abi?
    Look for fact before u open your mouth. I wish u bring a patient or u become a patient ti see pple like me. U will receive joe hate you treatment.
    When they are on strike , they will say its doctor
    Failed pple

  8. I’m a Dr. I could see plenty of ignorance revealing itself in many comments above. I will just advice non-doctors who genuinely wants to know why Drs are on strike to dispassionately study their requests,. Many people actually believe Drs earn a lot of money. Lies. If you are sincere, ask a Dr around you. He could give you his payslip. Let’s stop all this hating……….or envy or something. And if you are not satisfied, go on strike too, it’s a free world. Better still if you are sick, don’t go to see a Dr. Go see a nurse or physio or a lab attendant, or something, since you can’t see a difference among health care providers or you so much hate the Drs. Do your things, we do our things. No hard feelings…

  9. After failing to make it med sch,now they have devised a short-cut to earn same as doctors.Itsso difficult to deal with people who have never seen the four corners of a university.No character at all…always llisting to the public for their cheap gains.Yet they want their

    children to study med.

  10. It’s a shame that people can’t see the difference. dy say what is in the name consultant ? dy say Drs are selfish but really ve u seen a Dr fight to become a matron or head pharmacy but u want to be consultant and if I may ask pls who are they consulting?
    when I leave my house to visit the clinic I am there to consult with a Dr Who will diagnose what is wrong with me b4 other players in the hospital be he nurses ,lab scientist or pharmacist can do any thing , so let’s be sincere and think right.
    Everyone is important even at home all player are important but d father is the head meaning in the hospital all are important but the Drs are the head.

  11. It’s so unfortunate that quite a number of Nigerians are myopic about the reasons for the strike and as such have lost their sense of rationality. Every sane person(JOHESU included) with health challenge visits the hospital to see a doctor and yet you say there is no such thing as ‘head of the health team’. Yet the requirement to study medicine is higher compared with other courses(Is somebody thinking at all). The main reason JOHESU members want to bear Consultant is just to earn a medical Doctor’s salary and head the hospital afterall we are all consultants.”JOHESU doesn’t need to come to Jesus like Nicodemus, the normal and acceptable route is wide open”.

  12. all of una dey crass. na small pickin all of una go b. c all ur mouth. na johesu u dey fight ni?

    fight fgn nd win nd stop protesting here.

    all health workers hazard shld increase dou.

    but other tins shld nt b a p.

    u ve ur field , i ve mine.

    other pple can b consultants in dier field if dey choose to b.

    nd as per money. na ur money?

  13. Do u think der will be peace in nigeria health sector. Self centered attitude, prejudice attitude and bias attitude of a profession(Doctors) over other health workers(Nurses,pharmacists etc) will never take nigeria healthcare system to d peak. It will only continue to increase general mortality and morbidity. Allow eligible health workers to head d system be it a nurse or a doctor or a pharmacist or a physiotherapist. A situation where only one profession wants to continue leading the healthcare system without other health workers’ consent. A situation where a profession wants to be deciding what other health workers’ positions must be in d hospital remember we have all gone to school to study. A doctor have no right to intrude in other professions’ affair y do doctors want to stop eligible JOHESU members from attaining consultancy level don’t you think we need to follow developed countries’ trend. Don’t u think spelling out duties for all positions can help and punishment must be clearly stated for any member that violate it. Don’t you think respecting one another in d healthcare system and leaving ego-bloated attitude will help. Don’t we think our politicians need to stop appointing only doctors as ministers f health, commissioners f health and CMds. Dnt we think appointing any eligible health worker to head d healthcare system will bring peace to nigeria healthcare sector be it a doctor or a nurse or a pharmacist or a physiotherapist etc. All representatives of all health workers must participate when making national health bill. The masses will continue to suffer until we imbibe rational policies in our healthcare system and leave unreasonable policies

  14. Wo!w wow! wow!.firstly nothing is equal in life unless u are just like what it should be.I cannot imagine the madness and stupidity going on in nigeria.some very illeterate individuals getup and say WE ARE EQUAL IN THE MEDICAL PROFFESION.when u live in a home,does that make u all equal{where is the place of the father as the head?}.when u work in an organisation,are u all equal?{Is there no head to run the organisation base on certain criterias?}Aren’t u all very stupid with this equality that how equality is achieved?do u just look @ an individual who has obviously gone through some very long process the gather all the skills and knowledge to make his craft for so long a time and say u want to boss over him when u have not gone through or know better than he does?for God’s sake the medical doctor is @ the centre of the health profession and without him,no other member of the health team would know wat to do ur work.the doctor gives everyother healthcare giver the grace to do his work,because he gives instructions on when and what to how do u want to be head over such an individual.u work togather as a team does not mean u are the same.besides,where in the world did any of u see a doctor as less the position as head of the health team?where?in the US doctors are the highest paid healthcare professionals,do u think its just for fun?there is no such thing as equality in life itself.if u want to get the benefits assigned to a doctor,go to med school and face the music,if u can dance to it well,u will be applauded.nothing is equal in life.woman is not equal to man,son is not equal to his father,the younger is not equal to the aged,the educated is not equal to the illeterate.the medical doctor will always remain the head of the team as long as he remains a doctor.this was precisely what lucifer did to God almighty and he got rusticated and will suffer for it.why dnt u want a doctor to have pride?he earned it!stupid pple especially nurses who want to be like doctors without going through what it takes to be a doctor,yet u also open ur nosocomial infested mouth to say u believ in change.what kind of stupid change is in something u did not work for and merited,yet u want to enjoy its previledges.madness!

  15. Haba!lab scientist,pharmacist are also opening their mouth to speak of wanting to be head and assume equality of anysort over a doctor.what do they know about everyother part of the health [email protected] least a doctor was trained and is encompassed with the knowlwdge and skills of everyother health care profesional,but just because he can’t do all @ the same time,he needs to let other pple fully trained in the respective clinical sciences to helpout for better care of the patient.that doeant mean u are all equal.a woman’s existence in life is to helpout from time to time when needed by the man.that doesn’t make her equal to him or head over him.if u want to earn as much as a doctor,head the team as a doctor would,get the overall benefits as a doctor.then GO TO MED SCHOOL AND BE A DOCTOR.very simple!dnt sit the to study nursing,lab sciences,microbiology,pharmacy….then getup and say u want to be boss and earn as much as an individual who was trained with all the knowledge and skills of the above mentioned health sciences,be fair to urselves,monkey work baboon dey chop is it fair?yet everyone of u want ur kids to be doctor.