HND/BSc Dichotomy Committee Submits Result

The committee set up by the Federal Government to work on the dichotomy between holders of the Higher National Diploma (HND) and university degree holders has submitted its report.

The committee inaugurated in May, 2014 was tasked with reviewing the content and curriculum of the HND programmes to be equivalent to the Bachelor of Technology and introduce a bridging programme that will pave way for HND holders to reach the highest grade level in the public service.

Some of the recommendations of the committee include the need to maintain standards by not creating two different B.Tech degrees, but to synchronise the B.Tech curriculum proposed by the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) for the polytechnics with the same one approved for the universities by the National Universities Commission.

This, the report said, is to avoid further dichotomy.

It has been nine months since the Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics (ASUP) went on strike, with one of its demand being the dichotomy between university degree and the HND, and to remove the ceiling on career progression on HND holders.

Other demands include improvement in the condition of service and infrastructure in government-owned polytechnics, monotechnics and colleges of technology.

Other demands include the release of the White Paper on the NEEDS assessment of polytechnics and review of the Polytechnic Act by the National Assembly, among others.


  1. Writing from my desk here in Europe and a great lover of
    more development in Nigeria.
    After some useful research I discovered that one of the things affecting
    Nigerian economy is lack of experts in production discipline .
    permit me to explain briefly on the last line (AFFECTING NIGERIA ECONOMY).
    In Nigeria today both the rich and poor buy cars for different means ,but
    the point is we buy it from another country ,we are not producing or
    manufacturing cars,escalator. Etc.
    Do you know how many cars Nigerians buy yearly.
    Do you know we do more of importation than exportation which is affecting
    the economy.
    From my research it proves that without the use of our polytechnic
    graduates who have a solid background on production and technicality who
    would depend on other technical expert from foreign countries who are also
    technicians and they also have the same background like our polytechnic
    students here .
    The question is how come there is no discrimination over there.
    Very simple it starts from the educational section .in Europe today nobody
    cares about your abbreviation (BSc or HND), all they do is evaluation.
    In Europe today if you have HND or bsc its on the same table and standard.
    infact HND is more preferred in engineering sector.
    You can use HND to do your MSC in Europe ,you can also use your bsc .can
    you see there is no discrimination because the discrimination will affect
    the countries technical improvements, but in Nigeria to bsc can only do MSC
    direct but HND have to do PGD before MSC which is wrong.
    The PGD is a waste of time and useless, because they keep on repeating the
    same thing the HND student have gone through before. Its just a style of
    discrimination, because of PGD many people don’t want to go to polytechnic
    and to my opinion we need more polytechnic graduates.
    The PGD is not a certificate valid in any sector its just a penalty that
    help the discrimination.

  2. I thank God for intervening, I did not see in any were hw is Bsc biga than Hnd , in terms of duration, Hnd spend longer years in sch than that of Bsc . If Bsc with second class lower can do Master degree then Hnd with lower credit should also be allow to do Master degree because Hmd/Bsc are equivalent.

  3. In fact those Nigeria professionals in education are not ready to even stop this this stigma in polytechnics,its so disheartening that you pay more than some university’s yet you spend longer time than them in campus then after graduating you will still be sidelined because of some poor mentality of some people who forgot that the polytechnics was once their bedrock.

  4. The discrimination & disparity between HND & B.Sc in Nigeria is just an academic segregation that serves no useful or developmental purpose. It only helps to emphasize and promote paper qualification above performance. In a country where a School Certificate holder can contest and win election to become a Governor or President but an HND holder cannot rise to become a Director in the Civil Service! Which way, Nigeria? This is unfair.

  5. Public hearing is going on in Nigeria on the discrimination of BSC and HND pls let all the Polytechnic graduates go out and make an impact the Senate president David Mark said 4 weeks public hearing should be conducted before d conclusion of giving us d same degree dat is BCS for Polytechnic and university (sir we all use 5 credits and we both write jamb now utme we spend 6 years to obtain HND degree pls help us sir let’s be given d same degree sir(2 years ND +1 year I.T+2years HND +1year NYSC) God bless you all, let’s reason together as the country us trying to change in some areas let’s also make sure they achieve this.

  6. The issues and the distinction btween the Hnd and the so called bsc is killing. How can i spend 6 gud yrs in poly with my distinction equivalent to 1st class and some with ordinary pass in C.R.k as a course wil be heading me? End of the day report after work zero. Which way naija? Why place more value on paper rather who can do the required thing. Hnd holders is to me the best. Am a victim and i cant regret it cos i knw my worth. Poly has made prou

  7. David mark the senate president pls where are u? This issue i knw is nt above u. See the Hnd holders are suffering and far better than the bsc. Yes i can prove it. I hv them in my working place even to write report at the end of the day is a plight. Haba… Solve dis issue and lets knw our stand oga. Enof is enof. I cant be going home with 68k at the end of the month and bsc 126k. Just see the salary gap, when am far better than them. Yes i made my distinction as an Hnd holder while they claim bsc with pass receiving more. Why? There is God o o.

  8. HND and Bsc in Nigeria has caused a lot of problems.Sir David Mark Senate President May God bless you.Sir you are the only Man that may end this trouble in Nigeria.HND holder spent the same 4or 5years in the school with those with Bsc why should a HND holder be the academic set,a HND or a Bsc holder with a low grade will go for a PGD before Masters while any with a higher grade go in for a Masters Degrees so now what is the difference.Sir over 1,000000 Nigerians with the HND will thank God for You.

  9. Its only a fool that would go for PGD before master’s, after labouring for almost 5yrs in poly. If u continue to look at the way nigerians and the government do things, u keep getting annoyed; l had my HND outside Nigeria and there are so many important universities outside begging me to apply for master’s. HNDs pls go straight for ur master’s and snob nigerian problems.

  10. Why frustrating our self with this BSc HND things FG knws what they outh to do the economy of this nation can never be better if the problems in the education sector is not solve, charity always begging at home and the back bone of every country and it economy is the EDUCATION, what is FG doing about that????


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