I Ordered Abuja, Lagos Attacks – Shekau Says In New Video

boko haramThe responsibility for a June 25 bombing in Wuse II, Abuja, and an explosion same day at a fuel depot in Apapa, Lagos State, has been claimed by Boko Haram

The sect’s leader, Abubakar Shekau, in a new video seen by AFP Sunday, claimed responsibility for the attacks.

While the Abuja attack, a suicide bombing at Emab Plaza, left no fewer than 20 persons dead, the explosion in Lagos, which authorities said was an “industrial accident”, did not claim any life.

However, AFP investigations claimed the Lagos attack was a deliberate explosion.

Speaking about the Lagos incident, Shekau said in the video: “I ordered (the bomber) who went and detonated it”, while claiming responsibility for the “bomb in filthy Abuja”.


  1. Muslem all must be killed they are all boko haram so must all die soon.they Cant do anymore shame to muslems boko haram.we need war nt afread of u all.biafra must be.

  2. The police authorities claimed the explosion in apapa was from an LPG plant as against the reports that the explosion was an attack by a suicide bomber by an eye witness. Now that shekau has come out openly to claim responsibility, I wonder where the police will say they got their information from.

  3. Lets arise and end this dark era in out history, else our children will have no country to call its own. Jonathan must Go. Hé is a bad omen for nigeria. An ill wind.

  4. Funny. Award winning cartoon of the century. Who the heck is this phony with a face like a kangaroo? “I” baba! “I” who did you & your zombie employers thought you are fooling? Make u na go siddon, Shekau? Boko Haram? ” The Jonathans, who una tink sey una bi sef? Black liars.


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