Kannywood Actress Denies Dating Kannywood Actor/Glo Ambassador Ali Nuhu

Ali Nuhu stargist

One of Kannywood’s finest, actress Fati Mohammed popular for her roles in movies, such as ‘Sangaya‘ and ‘Marainiya,’ says she is through with Kannywood men.

According to the actress, after eight years of marriage to two different men from the same industry, she was done with that aspect and could actually hold and discipline herself after adopting an upcoming popular actress as her child.

‘One, I have vowed never to marry from Kannywood again. Both my ex-husbands came from Kannywood. Two, I will not act again. But I have a production company; very soon I will be producing films,’ she stated.

In a swift response, the actress cleared the air about speculations that she was once having an affair with wave making Kannywood actor and Glo ambassador, Ali Nuhu.

She said that such incident never occurred neither did Ali ever asked her out. ‘Ali Nuhu has never dated me. If you ask of my role model I would mention Ali Nuhu a hundred times; in fact, I don’t call his wife by her name, I call her aunty. I am very close to them. During my second wedding, he was the one that gave me out; he was my Waliyyi.’


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