Karrueche Tran Did Get An Implant Or Not ?

Some media sources are claiming that Chris Brown’s girlfriend Karrueche Tran is the latest celeb to get butt implants. The pic on the left and centre shows Karrueche’s butt before. The one on the right is a pic Chris Brown shared on his instagram page yesterday. Chris has shared two butt pictures of Kae in the last two weeks, like he wants his fans to notice something. And they have, asking him how much he paid to get her a new butt. See the other pic Chris Tweeted two weeks ago

 You think she got some work done?


  1. No she didn’t. She has been working out hard for the last 12 months. Even her thighs and calves are bigger and more muscular. So you people think she got thigh implants too, lol. The girl has been working out. Not mad at her. She looks good.

  2. or a the Family Planning pills, a make she looking fatter..cause she have to be juggling to survive, cause CB dont have any more coat tail for her to live off now, he has to accumulate for his fate with this case now.


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