Made In Nigerian Cars Ready To Hit Markets


There have been reports over the past few months that Nigerian made cars were been produced and would be officially introduced into the market soon.

It seems like the time is here. Executive Director/Chief Executive of the Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC), Mr Olusegun Awolowo, posed beside his own, to announce its readiness to Nigerians.

The Jeep was manufactured by Innoson.


More photos below: –




  1. Congratulations this is what we want we need more so that we buy and enjoy the technology of our country.I m so happy to get inform.

  2. This is very encouraging. Pls both govt and individuals should support and patronise him . I’m proud to see this happening in my time

  3. This is indeed good news for Nigerians, I have lived in south Africa for some time now and I am amaze with their Auto and industrial policies where everybody within the country are encourage to buy only made in South Africa autos/cars as a means to boast employment and industrialization in the country. My experience was bitter because I did not know about this policies then I elect to import a car for my personal and private use and it took me months to get the car out of the port and getting it registered was another challenge of it own. All I am trying to say is that for our auto industry to work Nigeria must emulate/copy the south Africa policies regarding the auto industry. God bless Nigeria.


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