Meet 6-Yr-Old Catgirl Whose Back, Arms and Face Covered With Black Fur

Meet a Chinese six-year-old “catgirl” who suffers from a rare skin disease.

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Zhao Xinrui suffers from hypertrichosis, an abnormal amount of hair growth over the body. First time Zhao’s parents noticed a small spot of discoloured skin on her back a year ago. As the condition deteriorated, her terrified mother abandoned the daughter and husband.

Initially doctors treated an unusual spot as a birthmark but thereafter it started spreading and now soft black fur covers half the girl’s body, her entire back and is starting to grow on her arms and face. Now Zhao’s father and her great grandparents are raising money to pay for urgent treatment to replace the hairy skin with healthy grafts from other parts of her body.

“The poor girl – it breaks our hearts to see her suffer like this. We were told that she couldn’t have any operation anyway until she got to about five. But now she’s old enough we don’t have the money. Despite the fact that we saved ever since we heard she would need it,” said her father Zhao Lai.

As the girl’s story was widely covered by the local media, some of the inspired citizens agreed to donate money for the operation.


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