Mistake Or On Purpose: Kid Clothing Line Put Black Boy’s face On Monkey’s Body


It’s sad to think that we are all living in a world that will always find a way to keep racism alive. Seriously, just cut that s-t out.

A clothing line under the name of “Just Add a Kid” is being accused of displaying a cut out of an African-American boy’s face on a monkey body t-shirt.

The company then decides to tweet, “We sincerely regretted this occurrence and immediately directed our retail partner to change the product placement” and that it was all “a total misunderstanding.” Ha! Of course you regret this occurrence because you got caught in the act.

Did they honestly think they could make a “joke” and get away with nobody noticing? News flash, that “joke” you’re joking about happens to be my life and I refuse to accept such a petty “apology.” Please share this if you’re against racism. 



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