Modenine: “Nigerian Artistes Can Never Be Part Of The Illuminati”


Probably the only hardcore rapper left in Nigeria, Modenine has made a lot of necks turn with his new statement.

The veteran rapper, Modenine, believes that no Nigerian artiste is a member of theIlluminati.

A number of top Nigerian artistes have began to associate themselves with the hugely popular and enigmatic group, with many adding certain symbols and signs from the sect to their music videos. But Modenine believes that they are not members.

See what he has to say: –

I don’t think any Nigerian is a member of the Illuminati, I seriously doubt it. Cos they no reach. Even people like Jay Z the ogas in America, Jay Z will be a pawn. Do you know the people that are in this Illuminati, do you know who they are? The Medici family? They own all the banks!

Like when Kanye West wanted to go into clothing, he didn’t know that they have their own cabal. He was ranting. I understand the reason why he was angry. If Kanye was an Illuminati, he would have his own clothing business, his office next to Muskino, he will have a big office in France.

He tried to go in, and these guys don’t even know him. All these Ralph Lauren, The guy is a billionaire in Euro, and you (Kanye), you’re a millionaire in dollars. He doesn’t know you, he doesn’t listen to you, he goes to the opera, he doesn’t listen to Hip hop.

With numerous symbols and signs (attributed to the Illuminati) beginning to infiltrate our mainstream music videos, certain top artistes have come under heavy backlash from the public with claims that they are a part of the group. Modenine waves it away, branding it a calculated attempt by the stars to keep people talking about them.

“So all these guys saying Nigeria, they are Illuminati, blah blah blah, some people use it to hype themselves.

“Someone goes like…I am a member of the Illuminati, na lie, na just hype.Most of them just know its a selling point to keep people wondering. If you read books like 48 Laws of Power, it’ll always say, ‘be enigmatic, always keep people wondering.’ You have have to cloak your ideas, just to give it a double meaning, just to be different.”

Modenine who is set to drop his an album soon – Above Ground Level, has warned the stars and others to desist from associating with mysterious entities, as that might turn out to negatively affect their personal lives.

“That’s what they do, that’s why you see people shoot videos and put some horns, and use the gold everything. I don’t know what they are worshipping, but I feel that’s the wrong way to go. The day you dabble into something you do not understand, all these symbols, signs and stuff, you go dabble into something you don’t know.

May be some signs trigger some demons, and I’m talking the spiritual realm. In this music, you just have the plain music, and we have spiritual music, music that have double meaning. The easiest ay to play demons into people is through music. Because you can sing along if the music is very ‘sweet’, and then you’re actually playing the demons into you. That’s from a spiritual level.

At the end of the day, just be careful what mess with. Make sure you roll with God and not the devil. Don’t mess with things you do not understand because people are going to label you a Illuminati when you’re not even one, and the stuff that you’re already messing with, the symbols and signs can actually trigger something that might not be really pleasant. And you now when you roll with the devil, the devil takes more than he gives. He’s gonna take everything plus your soul.”


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