Must Read – An Advice To Young Unmarried Men

Let me say a word here to the young, unmarried men:

WHAT ARE YOU CULTIVATING? When a young lady comes into your presence, she should leave a better person than she came. She may try to come on too strong, vulgar, like a prostitute.Yet when she leaves, she should walk away a lady. If someone asks her, ―What happened to you? She should be able to say, ―I met a MAN who told me he wouldn‘t sleep with me. He wouldn‘t degrade me. Why? Because he respects me.

CULTIVATE THESE YOUNG LADIES. Don‘t drag them down,and don‘t let them drag you down. A young woman shouldn‘t leave your presence pregnant. She should leave with her dignity and her virginity. Give these young women some good soil. Give them something to make them better. That‘s being a REAL MAN. (emphasis mine)

#This is culled from the book,’UNDERSTANDING THE POWER AND PURPOSE OF A MAN’,by Dr. Myles Munroe


  • Be yourself, because by being yourself you could possibly be everything that she needs. A true gentleman only gives for the sake of giving, never expecting anything in return.

  • If oxygen is usually taken-in in exchange for carbondioxide, a woman begging or receiving tips from men should always be readily brave enough to give the corresponding value of any thril she is receiving from any man.

  • The problem with naija ladys is that the always looking for free thing, naija woman want everything free, I have being into some African country, is not like that, let them look for work

  • All these boys here their head has gone plural. This article or post is for MEN and not for boys. Men don’t misuse their strength they use it. So boys short up for the Men knows how to be a MAN

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