Nigerian Table Tennis Player Strips To Celebrate Bronze At Commonwealth Games 2014

Team Nigeria on Monday went totally insane after they won third place at table tennis at the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

It all went down when Nigerias’ Ojo Onalopop (ranked 488th in the world) beat India’s Kamal Achanta (ranked 50th in the world) to seal a bronze medal for the Nigerian team.

The team was so happy that their emotions began to overflow… and then the pants came off.


Check out the video of how Team Nigeria celebrate their victory (story continues below):

Team Nigeria on Monday returned to the zenith of tennis at the Commonwealth Games after beating India 3-1 to claim the bronze medal in the men’s team event.

Though, in the rating of International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), Nigeria had been seeded below India and most of the Indian players were rated higher than the entire Nigerian team, bookmakers were proved wrong. The youthful Nigerian side turned the table against the Asian giant to clinch Nigeria’s first medal in table tennis at the Commonwealth Games in the last eight years.


An elated NTTF boss, Oshodi described the win as result of years of hard work, adding that Nigerian players are talented. “I think the gap between our players and some of these top players is not much and what our players need more is exposure and they will be up there,” he said.