No Vacancy In Aso Rock Come 2015 – Abba Moro

The Minister of Interior, Abba Moro has advised those aspiring for the position of the president to forget it as there would be no vacancy in Aso Rock come 2015.

Moro said this at a reception organised for him at the weekend by his kinsmen at Ede West Ward, in Okpokwu local government area of Benue state, saying Jonathan should be allowed one more term to complete his good works.

“I dare say that if we must move away from the politics of ‘chop I chop’ to politics of principles and and the development of our communities, we must rally support for President Goodluck Jonathan.

“In the present circumstance, which we have found ourselves the only person who can complete the good job that he started, the only person who has introduced ideology to drive us to the next level of development is President Goodluck Jonathan and we must support him to succeed.


“In the recent circumstance, I make bold to say that a combination of President Goodluck Jonathan at the helm of affairs and the Senate President, David Mark at the Senate, will present an important catalyst for development in this country.

“They should therefore be supported to continue to do good things for this country because another entrant will amount to a distraction, and we cannot afford it now.

“Therefore come 2015, there will be no vacancy for a new president in Nigeria nor a new senator from the Benue south district. Anyone with such an ambition should please jettison it, in our collective interest.” the minister said.


  1. Why won’t he say such a tin after they kept him even though he’s do 4 sack 4 his gross incompetent in d failed immigration recruitment excercise y won’t he make such bold statement. Shame on this country.

  2. If though Moro had said there is no vacancy at aso rock, I am sure there will be vacancy for ministerial positions, so he should just enjoy it while it lasts.


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