Nyako Impeachment Saga: Drama Boils Over As PDP, APC Clash

The Adamawa State crisis is going into another week still unresolved, and the Peoples Democratic Party are trying to get their hands on their state.


The PDP is said to be the ones working behind the scenes to force Alhaji Murtala Nyako, to resign so that they could get the state back.

It was reported that the governor was thinking of resigning after being pressured by the PDP members in the state House of Assembly, after the Chief Judge, Justice Ambrose Mammadi set up a seven man panel to investigate him.

Punch reports the governor had planned to hand in his resignation letter on Tuesday but was then told by the APC not to quit but to fight the panel.

APC believe it’s still early for Nyako to leave office and the Party will look for means to frustrate the panel, including telling Nyako no to attend the panel’s callings.

Nyako’s spokesman Ahmed Sajo had come out on wednessday and said:“The resignation is just an option. That is if the whole thing will lead to a crisis, there will be no option than to resign.”

One active member of the APC National Working Committee told reporters:  “We are supporting the governor and we have been working to frustrate the impeachment plot. We cannot be discussing our strategies on the pages of newspapers.“But we do not want him to resign. He has been told not to resign.”

Nyako had in the past locked horns with President Goodluck Jonathan, accusing the President of Genocide against the North in the name of fighting Boko Haram.

Even though the PDP have officially come out and said it was an Adamawa state problem, the spokesman for PDP Stakeholders and Elders’ Forum, Dr. Umar Ardo, on Friday said: “The impending impeachment of Nyako and his deputy is a PDP affair, we have got to a level where none of our 20 lawmakers who earlier signed the impeachment notice will be allowed to withdraw. Any PDP lawmaker that retraces his step ceases to be a member of PDP.”

This contradicts what PDP’s Deputy National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Abdullahi Jalo on thursday said.

He said, “What is happening in Adamawa State is a local affair. Members of the state House of Assembly were elected by their people to represent them.

“Even Governor Murtala Nyako, who has since left the PDP, has told the whole world that he will ask for President Jonathan’s help if he needs it.

“I don’t know why you want to drag our party into an issue that is purely a local affair between a governor and his legislators.”

Can Nyako Survive this storm ?


  • gej wishes is dat no more godfather in d land and thank God is working d same shall soon extend to other states wher dose call selfish governors who want to turn govt. house to their family house,bonch of failure.Nigerians wake up to reality pls ,gej is a God sent msger to deliver us from dese wicked leaders.

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