Osun APC Alleges Plot To Kill Aregbesola

The All Progressives Congress (APC), Osun State chapter, yesterday said it had received a red alert that a leading opposition party contracted foreign snipers to assassinate Governor Rauf Aregbesola during his campaign trail.

“The masterminds behind this plot are the party’s chieftains, from a S-West state and the opposition party”s candidate for the August 9 election in Osun,” the party said.

According to APC, sources from within the opposition party informed the APC that “there is great consternation within the party that for as long as Aregbesola is present and visible, the election cannot be rigged, so their last option to ‘win’, according to sources, is to take out completely the governor, and they needed the best professional killers in the world, this is why they have contracted the foreign firm..

“It is not clear if Abuja is involved in the plot, but sources say that security infrastructure in the country may not be unconnected,” APC said.

The APC recalled that it had alerted Nigerians and the international community of plans to militarise the state one week to the election and terrorise APC leadership and assassinate some of them.

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  • Y not stop propaganda and face d facts as it were,we need pple wit high sense of human dat wl take d state to its position,not hypocrite.ur alert is becoming too much,tell pple wot u hav to offer and allow den to decide tru their vote,stop seekin undue sympathy frm d electorate,wen assassin visited Omisore we only read it on d pages of d newspapper,there wasint too much noise on it,pls!APC wake up,pple are wiser now.

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