1. Wetin be that him name,Peter or abi tipper should know say na africa we dey so. Na style that him wife de take now to remove him from him people by the time she succeed hmmm tipper or abi peter go take him eye smell vever nobe pepper oh!, Go ask JC wey don die hu fa. As for dat him wife tipper nobe yoruba oh.she 4 ask hu igbo people dey do,Na him children children edey kaluma so oh. By d time de send kalangu go met him oga, nobi person go tellam to kuza.OLD man na old man oh.tipper must la beg him big bross with live goatee + maechetram.no lol ni oh.

  2. peter no dee tok too much na Ibo man u be oo… all diz galala wey u de do dey claim sey u be stunch, e fit no hit u today but 2morow ur children & dia children go suffer am, by de time ur family members don kip u aside. try to be a man & stop behaving childish or dancing to the things u see or hear…think deep. dont let ur wife have control of ur mindset. she is 4rm anoda tribe, dia way of thinking & ours are not dsame & dia behaveour is unlike ours…. dont let bite morethan she can chew


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