PHOTOS: River Mysteriously Turns Blood Red, No One Knows Why

The waterway that runs through the city of Wenzhou, in southeastern Zhejiang province in China, turned bloody red leaving locals in a state of shock.

According to the residents of the area, where an unusual incident occurred, it has never happened before. The variant with an industrial contamination has been excluded as there are no chemical plants along the waterway length.



The witnesses claim that the at 4am the water flow was normal but by 6am it had changed colour and turned into “blood”. As there’s still no explanation what could happened to the water officials are taking water samples to find out the reason of the phenomenon.

Wenzhou is a well-known town in East China’s Zhejiang Province. The place is surrounded by mountains on three sides with the front of the city facing the Pacific ocean.

It is not the first time rivers turn red in China, in 2012 the Yangtze River also changed colour. There are different theories what could provoke the colour-change of water, including sand distribution due to upstream flooding, dye pollution and even the start of the Apocalypse.


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