Police Use Teargas To Stop Protest At Lagos Airport

Nigerian police Wednesday, July 16, fired teargas at the protesters who gathered at Lagos airport amid the unresolved crisis between foreign airlines and Nigerian clearing and forwarding agents.


The incident occurred at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport as thousands of protesters entered the cargo terminal demanding cancellation of administrative fee charged by foreign airlines.

Characterizing the fee imposition as an illegal move, a clearing agent, Rotimi Ojo Olaifa, was quoted saying by PM News:

“When goods are sent to us from foreign countries, all fees are paid to the airlines. It is illegal for them to collect another fee from us just to hand us the documents… We want them to stop charging such illegal fees.”


With the placards reading “Foreign airlines, stop illegal fees”; “Foreign airlines, stop milking Nigerians” and “We say no to illegal charges, the protester headed to the Customs office and vowed to continue until the charging was stopped.

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