POLL: Brazil to miss Neymar?



His dazzling runs; fakes; passes; occasional amazing shots were simply the antidote to avoiding a WorldCup elimination for his country.

Even when he’s not performing, his presence alone is influential. And defenders are always anticipating his next trickery plan.

Brazil beat Colombia in the Quarter-Final of the Fifa World Cup to book a tantalizing Semi-Final fixture against Germany. Unfortunately, without their talisman.

Zuniga’s harsh tackle on Neymar resulted in a third vertebrate damage in his back, which rules the player out of the remaining two crucial games.

We have witnessed without Neymar, Brazil seem clueless- Hulk struggles to create chances; Oscar has gone quiet after the first game; a statue is ostensibly preferred to Fred.

But with the prospect of facing a German team that has not been entirely convincing, can Brazil survive without Neymar?