Presidency Warns Nigerians Against Insulting Jonathan

The Presidency has warned those attacking President Goodluck Jonathan to stop it, as any insult melted on the president amounts to embarrassing the entire country.

Those who address the public have also been urged to be mindful of their utterances while doing so.

Speaking yesterday when he received a group under the aegis, Voice of Change Foundation, a Goodluck Support group made up of Nollywood celebrities, Sport stars and Musicians, in his office, Abuja, Special Adviser to the President on Political Affairs, Prof. Rufai Ahmed Alkali who noted that ethno-cultural differences of the nation should be seen as its strength, not weakness. He however stressed that nobody should make comments capable of trivialising any of them.

“The founding fathers of Nigeria came from different background but with united demand for independence from the colonial master, this should be sustained irrespective of our political or professional divide.

“They were young but very visionary at that time but they used their effort to develop the nation without prejudice to any tribe or religion. If today is our time, we should aspire to make the nation bigger by joining President Jonathan in actualizing the transformation agenda for the development of Nigeria.

“Sport unite the nation but the citizens should continue to hold it in high esteem at all times with or without sport,” he added.

“President is the vocal point of the nation and every citizen need to be mindful of that fact. No child will abuse his father and still get public respect after doing so.”


  1. well spoken my brother,but the reason is due to the softiness,gentleness and tallorable of the president,to the extend,kwonkwoso for instance,a litle kwonkwoso for that matter! who is not up to my elder brother was busy insulting our president as if to say the president snatch his wives or his birth right from him! how can nigeria be good when we were forcefully united by a satan lugard as one nigeria when there was no spirits of oneness among us.and what we have in place as politicians were all touts and vissionless elements whose ageda is how to loot our public trearury.the truth is that presently nigeria nation is under a curse of force we should divide this country now before it is too late,because islam will never agree with xtianity and we the xtian knew the muslem as anti-human,anti-truth,anti-light,and blood suckers.and the root of stable politics in every country based on their religious background,right now the problem we are having is religious but somepeople don’t understand up till n


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