Read Kate Henshaw’s Message To Fans and Well Wishers As She Hits 43


As Kate Henshaw turned a year older, 43 to be specific, the veteran actress first announced that she would be going into politics; she also sent out a message to her fans and well wishers on her birthday.

She what she has to say below: –

“With all the good wishes, prayers and salutations I have been receiving all week leading to today, I cannot but glorify the King of Kings for His grace, mercy and favour upon my life. It is not by might nor by my power.. My heart is greatly warmed and I have given into a few tears! To be alive today is a gift I do not take for granted because on the 3rd of June 2012, I may not have been here anymore!!!

“To Him who has absolute power over my life, I give praise. I may not be able to respond and thank each and everyone of you for the love and support u have shown me over the years but I thank you indeed from the depth of my heart and pray for greater things in all our lives and nation, Nigeria. My desire to serve is true but I cannot say much right now because there Is definitely a lot of work to be done on my part and firm decisions made.

“We must recognise and remember that change cannot come if we all sit back in the shadows complaining silently. I want to try. We need to play our part and come out of the shadows. Let all voices be heard because one person cannot do it alone. Our strength is in our diversity. That’s is all I can say for now but I will update all as things progress. Thank you again for the overwhelming support and prayers. God bless you all and lots of love…”

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