Runtown: “It’s Nobody’s Business If Davido Bought ‘Aye’ From Me”


It’s quite obvious that the controversy surrounding this ‘Aye’ song isn’t going to end soon.

Just days ago, Davido was asked again by a journalist if he wrote the song himself and he answered, now it has come up again.

Runtown has come out of the lot of controversies surrounding Davido’s hit tune, ”Aye” , with reports claiming that the song was actually written by him.

However, the fast rising indigenous singer Runtown has come out to rebuke the claims.

Reacting to the rumours, the Garllado hitmaker said, “Davido has had a number of interviews where he addressed how the song came about. So if you want to learn more about Aye ask David or read his interviews.”

The singer when asked further if he sold the song to Davido retorted, “The first time I heard about that, I felt it was nobody’s business to raise issues like that. I know we are in Africa and people like to ask questions, but it is certainly not my business.

“Maybe the song sounds like something I would have done myself, perhaps that is why people are saying so.” He said.


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