Singer Alariwo Blast Police DPO


Veteran Nigerian singer — Alariwo of Africa has replied the Oyo State Police Public Relations Officer, Olabisi Ilobanefor, for saying the police were not aware of his shooting.

Remember I told you last week about incident where Alariwo took to his Facebook page to inform his fans and friends that he was attacked and shot by armed robbers in Ibadan; that the police spokesperson said the singer should have reported the incident to the police rather than going to the social media.

Anyways, a very pissed off Alariwo has sent in his reply.

see how the Punch reports it: –

Alariwo said he couldn’t have gone to the police to make a formal report because he was rushed to the hospital in order to be operated on.

“How do you expect me to go and report to the police again when I was still in the hospital and was being operated on? It was my manager that wrote on my Facebook page that I was shot and was okay. Did the PRO expect me to stand from the hospital bed to go and lay complaints?”

Alariwo said it was actually some policemen who arrived at the scene of the incident that rushed him to the hospital.

It was the DPO of Oluyole Estate police station, Mr. A. Rasheed who sent a patrol car that led us to the first hospital that refused to open their gate before they led us to the second hospital, ZOE Hospital, where my wounds were attended to.

The police stayed with us throughout the surgery and they even picked the bullet cartridge from the scene as evidence. They asked us to come back to the station when I fully recover so as to make a formal report which I did on Tuesday, July 22 after the doctor confirmed I was fit,” he said.

Narrating how he was attacked by armed robbers, Alariwo said the incident happened when he and his sister were going out.

“When I saw the robbers, I chased them very far but I couldn’t get them. My sister had run into the bush. I called her to come out. I didn’t even know that one of them had laid ambush waiting to see if we would call the police. At that time, my sister had called her neighbour who also had called the police. The DPO had called some policemen too. Even at that, there was a checkpoint around our house and I went there. I met the policemen to tell them that armed robbers were around. They said I should stay at the checkpoint that nothing would happen to me. I left them to go and find my sister.

As I got to where she was, the armed robber jumped out of the bush. He said in Yoruba that for injuring one of his men, he was going to kill me. I don’t know where I got the guts from but I told him he could not do anything. To God be the glory, the idiot cock his gun four times but he couldn’t shoot. I told my sister to get into the car so that I could speed off. My engine was even running. But she was still scared. The guy shot the fifth time. I had already rolled my window. The bullet shattered the glass and penetrated into my right arm,” he narrated.

Alariwo said the armed robber made away with his sister’s bag.
“She had N86,200 and he collected the money and her documents. As we were looking for help, the policemen that my sister’s neighbour called arrived at the scene. They were the ones that took me to the hospital,” he said


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