Stephanie Okereke Has A Question For You


Veteran Nollywood actress turned blogger has posed a question for all men out there.

Whom would you rather date?

Pick one and tell us why: –Capture

Which lady would you date?

•Lady A

Graduate. Looking for a job. Average looks. Goes to church everyday. Prays every night. Can only cook rice. Not stylish. Lives in a one bedroom with eight siblings.

•Lady B

High paying executive. Very beautiful. Very stylish. Travels regularly. Not spiritual. Has a cook. Lives in a Duplex alone. Drives a posh car.

Make your choice. Who will it be?


  1. I wil chose “A”cos she is a beliver n she is a graduate so wit dat I belive dat 1 day she wil get a good job and look more better than “B”

  2. I chose option A not only bcus she is a graduate and at same time a believer as well.she is erudite and a material in which everyone shuld go for witout hestitation…..

  3. A. I have done it, so its not like am just bluffing. I chose an aspiring writer over a successful event planner. Rich and powerful like dat, she will destroy ur confidence one way or d other no matter how u try to take charge as a man. She is barely interested in the husband and wife putting heads together.

  4. Guys, guys what is it? After all the surfering am to end up with one “it is well” for what? Lady B is the option. Afterall paul percecuted the christians and later became a saint. Or did lady A bougth the prayers? She can’t even cook, come on guys. Well dat is for you. LADY B is my optoin.

  5. All that glitter are not gold. A man’s ego cannot be compromised with riches. The B lady’s husband is her wealth, except I make it with her. I’ll go for lady A.

  6. You did not say anything about the character of the two ladies, which is a major factor in choosing a life partner. The First Lady is a church goer that does not make her spiritual. People in her shoes are usually very close to God. Give her a good job and a bit of comfort, God will become secondary. She will no longer have time for Church programs and perhaps prayer. Ask any Pastor
    she knows how to cook rice only, I am from Ondo state where we eat pounded yam in the morning and night, how do I cope with a lady who can cook only rice?
    She has eight siblings! What a liability?
    What ever has advantage will sure have disadvantages, all that is required to be the successful husband of the second lady is to see her as a partner and not surbodinate who is to be worshipping you. See her station in life as your own measure of success ie do not be envious -, no jealousy, give her Support be less demanding on her time, she is an executive and whenever the two of you have time to be together it will be like day of your first outing. By nature an average woman is proud to be a Mrs. Hence you hear Prof. Mrs, Dr. Mrs, Engr. Mrs etc . A woman may be very proud but will defer to her husband. A wise man should know how to handle excess in that regard.
    Personally I will prefer the problems associated with the riches of the second girl to the problems arising from the poverty of the first girl. I vote for the second lady who is beautiful, stylish and rich.

  7. I go 4 lady A, cos she is learned & spiritual. I believe d future is bright no matter d struggles of 2day.


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