This Administration Will Soon Joins Its Predecessors In the Garbage Bin Of History – Muhammadu Buhari

Former Nigerian military leader and politician, General Muhammadu Buhari, once again strongly criticized the current government party line, stressing out an incompetent leadership that is aimed to suppress the opposition in the country and thus the will of Nigerians.


The former head of state took to his Facebook page to express his discontent with the current situation in the country and to assure that the present administration will soon be a matter of the past.

“What we are witnessing today of impunity and political rascality as demonstrated by the selective targeting and persecution of opposition politicians is an attempt to subdue the will of Nigerians who have made clear their commitment to free their country from the grip of an incompetent leadership that is bent on severing the ties of nationhood and ruining whatever progress we have made as a country.

These actions portray a government that has run out of ideas, resorting to arbitrariness and executive criminality in order to silent dissent. Nigeria has been through this road before. This is a replay of the selective persecution using instruments of federal might in an attempt by previous regimes to perpetuate themselves. These regimes are now history, subdued by the collective struggle of the Nigerian masses.

It is only a matter of time before this administration joins its predecessors in the garbage bin of history. Nigerians have defeated impunity before, and they have not relented in their determination to stamp it out in the future. The primary role of government is to fulfill its constitutional obligations to the citizenry and not go on a witch-hunting spree against the opposition and whoever dares to expose its lies and deceptions.”


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