‘Those who want to take power through the backdoor will die’ – Gov Akpabio


The Governor of Akwa Ibom state Godswill Akpabio has pronounced death on any politician who tries to gain political power through the backdoor come 2015, adding that the PDP in the state will continue ruling the state. The Governor made this declaration yesterday July 16th at the ground breaking ceremony for the construction of the new PDP Secretariat in Uyo, the state capital. He also stated that all those who betrayed him in politics would not enter into the government house 

“Just as God threw Lucifer unto the Earth, those who have betrayed the governor of Akwa Ibom State will not enter the Government House. And because of impatience, Absalom (son to King David) wanted to take over by killing King David. And when David heard, he asked the people to leave him. This did not end up well with Absalom. He died before his father. Those who want to take power through the backdoor will die and the PDP will continue,” he said.


  1. Oh please! He mentioned die politically. You people just like taking thing out of context for sensationalism. Surely, the governor is too smart to something like that publicly. Stop misquoting him.

  2. Its a bloody figure of speech jare!!, do you think a Governor would resort to such comments publicly? he’s no fool. dying in this case meaning the APC, just as other political parties have tried to unseat PDP and failed resulting to the death of such parties.

  3. He was quoted out of context,this I’m sure of. Akpabio is too intelligent for all this bull. This man has achieved so much. Please, stop bringing a good man down.

  4. He was speaking in parables. Any ways, only intellectuals could decipher this post. Common guys, do you think Akpabio would outrightly rain death on anyone? Sir, please carry on with the good work. I wish my state governor could be half as hardworking as you are. May all your detractors take a back seat.

    PDP members seem to have forgotten that this country is bigger than them. They treat the country like personal effect or property. Little do they realise that some people were once in power if they did not leave the stage, they presently there now would not be there. Life is not static but dynamics.
    The greed and lust of worldly pleasures have blindfolded these fools to see reality of life. Time continues but men never last.
    There is expiration for everything. Let them read Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, 14-15, they will know that they are fools. A fool talking about tomorrow when he does not know if he would last for today.

  6. I really don’t believe this. It is uncalled for to wish death upon your fellow person and Akpabio that I believe in couldn’t have said that at all! Quoting a Bible about death at an opening ceremony is just impossible.

  7. 4+1=5, 2+3=5 and 5+0=5, it depends on the perspective you’ve read this tho but to me the governor has the state at heart and don’t wish the state to go into a wrong hand and these is a parable he can never wish for death to befall anyone sha.

  8. We all know Godswill to be one of the best governors in our beloved country such a man can never wish anyone death but he will never wish the government of the state to go into the wrong hands instead let God intervene like he did in the story of Absalom and David.

  9. This man used Absalom and Lucifer as examples, stating how they wanted to use the back door to get power, cant you people understand that this is NOT a death threat? Sigh

  10. This is someone that sees the people of akwa ibom as the highest thing that has happened in his life, so why will same person turn his back at them? Get the meaning of his statement from the political point of view, my dear writters!


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