Why I Killed My Father – Redeemer’s University Student

The 21-year-old Tolani Ajayi, who killed his father, Charles Ajayi (SAN) last week has disclosed his reason for killing him.

Tolani, a 300-level student of History and International Relations, Redeemer’s University, Redemption Camp, along Lagos/Ibadan expressway, Ogun State, who is now being detained at Police Headquarters, Eleweran, Abeokuta said he killed his father because he provoked him. He however expressed regret, asking his mother to forgive him. He said he had also asked God for forgiveness.

“I have sent some people to talk to her that I am sorry. I have talked to my sister. My mother is still grieving, I want to give her time. It may be spiritual, so I have asked God for forgiveness,” Tolani said.

It was learnt that the 21-year-old was into drugs as he had been caught twice by his school authorities. A panel was said to have also been set up to interrogate him on drug-related matters before he committed the murder, according to Vanguard.

Tolani confessed to being into drugs, saying: “I tried those drugs myself. I might have heard it from my friends but I tried them myself.”

He said he used a kitchen knife and a cutlass to attack his father during an argument between them, but denied being under the influence of the drugs then, as the action was not premeditated.

“The incident happened around 1 a.m. when the church community would have been sleeping. It was anger that led me into this. My father just bit me repeatedly with his teeth.

“There was an argument between us and I stood up to him. He beat me with a stick and bit me. Just the two of us were at home; my mother was in Abuja.”

“My father went to the kitchen and got a stick (wooden spoon) and used it on me repeatedly and I tried to defend myself, then he bit me on my shoulder and I got angry. I used normal small kitchen knife, after I used cutlass to attack him. I regret the action.”

Speaking further, Tolani said the family resided in Abuja. “We live in Abuja, I school at Redemption University at the camp. My father came for a programme and we were on break, so, I went to meet him where he lodged. We were meant to go back to Abuja together, then, the incident happened and I am here.”

When asked if he needs the help of Nigerians, he said: “There is no way Nigerians can help me, I am going to face my judgment. I am meant to pay for what I have done. It is not as if I am ready but it is inevitable. It is something that is going to happen, I am just waiting for it.”


  1. I pray for You my friend. To live with the guilt of killing Ur parent and to await trial for thus I imagine how You feel. My heart goes out to your family and Ur mother especially. I pray God forgives you as I am hoping your Lawyer will be able to reduce ur charge from Murder to manslaughter. GOD be with you.

  2. I’m not suprise for what yu did boy, because my MASTER use to tell me dat any good/right dat de person dat is taking hard drug does is a MISTAKE cos if person take a stick marijuana (IGBO) or cocaine can destroy anytin & kill anybody

  3. I pity ur Mother,cos U av put her in everlasting sorrow,if the court should sentence u to death,U av made the poor woman miserable for D rest of her life,loss on both sides,mumu like u lying its spiritual,Omo,simply put-U were on drugs!if u r busy writing WAEC or JAMB,u wouldnt be vomiting dt evil.

  4. sin is sin no matter how little or small it may be we are all sinners and having get provoked at one time or the other,it is a pity, what an action about anger and a consequence sorrounding it, we should all learn from this, may his soul rest in peace and may God forgive you and give and new life. fellow nigerians anger destroys lets all think twice at a point of provocation

  5. One of the commentators said going to redeem church or school is…….. Do u want to tell me that as u are going to ur church all ur members are saints? May be u have forgotten that out of just twelve disciples Judas was among. Jesus said all the children u gave to me none was lost EXCEPT the child of perdition. Going to christians school doesn’t mean u will not find the child of perdition there. It will be disastrous if the man was not genuinely born again, that is why u need to give ur life to Christ bcos if u are kill by a witch and u died without Jesus and after ur departure the witch receive Jesus, i pity u
    May the Lord intervene in the matter and comfort the family.

    May His soul rest in peace

  6. D devil is d hater of gud tins, d devil likes tins like dis, boy i assure u if u give ur life 2 Christ n confess all ur sins He is ready 2 4give u, wot if ur moda 4gives u n God did not? When u die whre do u go 2? Seek 4 forgives 4rm ur mum n den reconcile wit God. He’ll c u through, 4get abt d rubbish pple are saying focus only on God

  7. It has com easily for us to do Bad tyns and lie it devil Work,for d guy is not well brot up,is parent did not broth him up well.So he can do more dan dat if he is release.All he need just to ask for 4giveness and xpet judgement.

  8. Whether he was on drugs or not! The fact remains that he was such a fool to have alow the devil put him into where he is. Shoudn’t a father talk to or cauion his own child again? Cos if you ask me I will tell you that the father didn’t just start with the beating! This must have been due to some reactions on his(the son’s) partt which trickers the action.
    On the whole, the both party exhibuted character that has nothing to qualify but foolishness!
    Remember…anger lies in the bossom of fools. Watch it!!!

  9. Mmmmmmhhhh dis is horrible I jst wished it ws possible 4 u 2 die jst d same way u killed ur dad bcos evn if ur mum forgives u I dnt tink she cn comprehend by leavin wit u in d same house oooomen u no try joor!

  10. U guys shld stop passing irrelivant response… I know dis guy so well. We even hang out together. He is too quiet dat he doesn’t contribute to discussion he just smiles and seats quietly. His dad maltreats him so much dat he tolani doesn’t stay out later Dan 5pm if nt he’d get his assistance wooped by his late dad. Every day he complains of being beaten up, slapped severely in public and d dad travels out wit the entire family to London & locks dis young man alone at home. Y maltreat him ? Did he beg to be brought into the world. U guys need to know dis guy I bet u’ll all rephrase ur statements. Bro God who see’s how mentally depressed ur dad has made u will vindicate u. May God forgive u.

  11. Let put aside all that,we re all sinners bt guy u said his dad matret him his in 300 level just a session 4 him 2 go,why can’t he think his going 2 be free one day all dis is devils work we youth should just pray satan should nt hv a place in our life,tolani may GOd 4give u nd set u free nd his mum shoul pls 4give him

  12. D guy that says he hangs out with tolani is 100 percent correct when he sayS Tolani is quiet me and tolani were in d same set in secondary skool he’s too quiet I still can’t believe it…there is no justification for hiS actions but one will want to put it on fruStration and clouded judgement……………

  13. I do not know this son, whether anger, devil (except for full trancelike demonic possession) or whatever, for one to kill another talkless of one’s blood is a pointer to a deep-seated resentment and selfworthlessness. In some cases drug cases can also be linked to this.

    All am saying is that this deed is already done and now up to God and the Law to decide.

    Now what have we parent learnt from this. Rather than all this condemnation. lets take a step or two back and assess our relationship with our children.

    Are we influencing them positively through Godly love and dicipline or driving them away from that very God through conditional love and anger.

    I do not know what might have transpired then and before but as I speak to you, I speak to myself.

    May God have mercy on you Tolani.

  14. I wonder why the father had to bite his own son . It is a sign of physical weakness and mental frustration. All he should have done was to commit the boy’s case to the LORD in prayers. This surely is the device of the enemy. For the sake of the mother, the boy should be pardoned. Where grace is available, God can bring about a total turn around for the family. The trauma of it all may destroy the mother and siblings forever.

  15. He that kill by sword must also die by sword Mat26:52. The only surprise about the situation is that their G.O received no vision that someone was going to be attacked by his son or armed robbers would rob the UBA bank inside the camp! He only always see the vision of someone is here, the Lord says you will be in America tomorrow morning, you will soon be impregnated and give birth, you are delivered of sickle cell anaemia etc. What kind of vision from what source of prophecy? Elijah foreseen great calamity of famine, Elias did the same, it’s only Redeem and Winners that God always send positive miracle forecasting all under imagination and psychological ideology. How could you gather 10,000 people without seeing someone looking for help to go to America? Women looking for the fruits of the womb? Etc.
    Real Vision and prophesy from real priest is not always sweet words boosting members moral coz it was not like that from the biblical days.

  16. @Duben, you shld be arrested ,bcos u are accomplice in crime, ur parent shld be careful with you now bcos u cld do the same to ur dad. no matter what u dad do ,he meant good for him.if d dad left him to his attitude.he will perish.

  17. y’all shud STFU , D bible says honour ur parents and to d parents they shudnt provoke their children,how will d man be beating a grown up son,to d extent of biting him ,that is so ridiculous ,dear parents and prospective ones,there are better ways of discipline, especially African parents stop taking things to extremity ,however a son killing his father is wrong.

  18. Men I swear I may engage in some wrong finzzz but not drugs and I tink even if my dad wants to kill me I wldnt tink of reciprocating he messed up and he won’t even want to live on buh I want him to make heaven

  19. Verily your Lord knows better who (among men) has gone astray from his pAth and he knows better those who are guided.. But I learnt patience is d best.. I really dnt knw w@ conspired btw dem or w@ d argument was about buh I fink by killing his pops hez don worst.. May God 4gve u and may ur father’s soul rest in perfect peace.. U guys should stp al d insults and stp blamin d poor boy, I dnt want 2 knw ow hard minded he can be.. Buh his conscience can neva give him peace 4 w@ he has done.. Just pray for him..

  20. Its only God that can heal Tolani and his family wholly and completely. Apportioning blame to his pastor or someone else is not gonna work- we must learn from this. Parents must painstainkly bring up their kids alongside with prayers in order to avoid such in their homes. It is well…..

  21. wt seems 2 b dark 2 us z very clear 2 God. God says let those that hve ears let dem hear wt d spirit z saying. To me i wud say ds a sign of d end tym. Lets all get closa 2 God. My praya z dt we will nt miss nt heaven!!! Let no1 judge lest ur fada n heaven judge u. In conclusion,pls lets serve God n truth nd n spirit

  22. wt seems 2 b dark 2 us z very clear 2 God. God says let those that hve ears let dem hear wt d spirit z saying. To me i wud say ds a sign of d end tym. Lets all get closa 2 God. My praya z dt we will nt miss heaven!!! Let no1 judge lest ur fada n heaven judge u. In conclusion,pls lets serve God n truth nd n spirit