Will Smith’s Daughter Sleeps With Snakes

willomWillow Smith reportedly lets her pet snakes sleep in the same bed as her at night.

The ‘Whip My Hair’ singer, 13, who got her first boa constrictor named Beauty in 2008, is reportedly ‘obsessed’ with the slithery reptiles and even lets them sleep on her bed at night time.

A source told US Weekly: ‘[She is] obsessed with snakes. She has 10 sleeping in her room, and some aren’t in cages!’

However, Willow isn’t the only one that likes to have her pets nearby when she sleeps as her brother Jaden, 15, also lets the creatures, which he reportedly calls his ‘girlfriends’, sleep on his bed.

The source added: ‘They slither into his bed and curl up with him!’

Meanwhile, last month, Willow and her famous parents Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith were investigated by the Los Angeles Department of Children & Family Services after a photograph emerged of the youngster lying on a bed with 20-year-old actor Moises Arias, who was topless in the snap.

A source said previously: ‘Willow was questioned on two separate occasions by social workers from Child Protective Services. Once in the presence of her parents, and the second time, Willow was alone with the social workers.

‘She made it clear that nothing inappropriate had happened with Moises. Moises has been friends with Willow and older brother Jaden, for years. The Smith’s treat him as one of the family, and know he wouldn’t take advantage of that trust.’