Woman Docked For Trying To Rape 12-Year-Old Girl At Sleepover


A woman from Houston was arrested for trying to molest a 12-year-old girl at a sleep over. The woman’s name is Jasmyne Lashay Gilder.

She is 21-years-old and has been charged with attempted indecency with a minor, according to Click2Houstonreports. Jasmyne Lashay Glider tried to rape her little sister’s 12-year-old female friend.

The potential victim was staying over at Jasmyne’s home on the 25th of July. This is the exact date the sexual assault almost occurred. The little girl immediately told her mother what happened at the sleep over. Her mother called the police and her daughter was taken to the nearest hospital with minor injuries. Jasmyne Lashay Glider’s bond is set at $5,000.



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