Woman Jailed For Trying To Poison Her Own Children With Eyedrops


A Pennsylvania mom is under arrest after she allegedly poisoned her two young kids with Visine.

Think mom knows best? Guess again. Mother from Pennsylvania, Elizabeth Unger, gets locked up for poising her two children with eyedrops. Sure, Visine doesn’t seem the most threatening, but when you consider a mother dumping a whole bottle into her baby’s juice their drink instantly becomes poison.

Several times the boys were hospitalized because of stomach aches before the situation was brought into investigation. Quickly tests came in revealing off-the-charts toxic level readings. The toddler was found with overly excessive amounts of tetrahydrazoline, commonly found in eyedrops and nasal sprays, and could have easily caused the boys to have seizures, breathing difficulties and even a coma according to the National Institute of Health.

Knowing that she was going to serve some time, she decides to be more specific about her big plan telling police that she dumped multiple bottles into her 3-year-old’s drinks. Unger claims that she never intended on killing her younger son, but her 3-year-old was always a target. How can we not think this woman is crazy? What kills me the most is that she talked about it so casually, it is sickening. The children are one and 3-years-old, let someone else have them if you don’t think you can parent them correctly.

These kids were obviously defenseless against this woman and I am so glad she is finally behind bars. Take this, she was already charged with three counts of aggravated assault and two different counts of endangering the welfare of a minor. If you ask me, the health of her kids should have been put into investigation a lot earlier then several visits to the ER later.

Someone is clearly not doing their job because, aside of all the other bulls-she was counted for, she previously faced court for attempted homicide charges, but the case got dismissed simply on the fact that they didn’t think the young single mother ever had plans to kill her kids…are you F–KING kidding me?



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