3 Things Your Pregnant Wife Needs to Hear

TNMCouplePregnantShoes_feature-584x260Pregnancy is rewarding, but it also can be extremely hard. Crazy hormones, swollen feet, nausea and fatigue can be rough on a woman’s mind, body and, subsequently, a marriage. As a husband, it might feel like you can never get it right, at least I’m sure it did for mine at times. But there are a few things that your pregnant wife may need to hear more often to help keep your home happy. Keep these nearby over the course of 40 weeks and use as-needed.

You’re beautiful.

Think about the last time you told a woman that she was getting big and she took it as a compliment. If you came up with something, think about that again and determine whether or not this person was older than 11 because otherwise it never happened. Yet most don’t think twice about greeting a pregnant woman with “you’re huge!” Even though a big belly can be evidence of a healthy baby growing inside, being constantly reminded of an ever-expanding waistline can give a woman’s self esteem a hit. Be the one to counter the negativity by complimenting her appearance whenever you can.

I’ll sit this one out.

It would seem that toting around another human being 24/7 would help combat loneliness, but pregnancy can be isolating. From riding a bike to having a drink, it can sometimes feel like the rest of the world is having a blast while you’re sitting around holding a long list of can’ts. If as a husband you’re always moving with the rest of the world, your wife can feel left behind and left out. Choose moments to join in solidarity with her. Skip that drink one day. Don’t put the extra blue cheese on your salad another. She doesn’t want to ruin your fun, but sometimes wants to feel like she’s not so alone in her sacrifice.

Get some rest while I [Fill in the blank].

It takes a lot of energy to grow a baby from scratch and the resulting exhaustion is real. I haven’t met the pregnant woman yet who truly objects to someone taking a chore off of her plate. Whether it’s washing the dishes or taking the kids out for a few hours, offer to give her the time and space to feel renewed.



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