3 Types Of Friends You Should Embrace And The 3 Types You Should Flee From

So how do you foster real friendships and dump the duds? Believe it or not, female friendships fall into categories. Here are types of women you want in your life:

1. The Cheerleader:
She stands by you no matter what and builds you up, offering unconditional love, support and acceptance.

2. The Prophet and the Guide :
This is two types of friends. They’ll hold your feet to the fire more than the cheerleader and make you accountable for your actions. BUT ALSO, they’ll help you live your truth and find your way. That’s pretty good.

3. The Comedian:
Finally, we all need someone to make us laugh at life’s craziness, don’t we? You want as many comedians around you as possible.
Ok, those are good pals. But what about women who claim they are friends, but only bring you down? You want to stay away from:

1. The User :
She only wants to be around you to “take” in the relationship. She doesn’t care about you and only thinks of her own agenda.

2. The Frenemy :
Pretty close to the user is the frenemy. She’s like the user, but she manipulates with passive-aggressive behavior. I, personally, think she’s the worst.

3. The Misery Lover:
Run from the misery lover. Some friends take more joy in your troubles than your triumphs. What good is that?
In the end, you want authentic friendships. Anything else is a waste of time.

Source: KnowMore.tv


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