[Advice Needed] My Sister’s Husband Won’t Stop Molesting Me. Please Help!

Dear Reader,

I am Simi and I reside in Lagos with my sister and her husband. I am a student of University of Lagos and I am in 200level. The issue I am having is that my sister’s husband has been molesting me, I was not interested in the first place, but I had to give in after series of threats from him. The issue now is that he demands that he rents an apartment for me to avoid my sister getting to know about our relationship, which I am against because my Sis would ask where I got the money from and I don’t want her to know about the relationship. Funnily, I’m tired about the whole affair thing, but I don’t know how to stop him. Pleas help a confused sister.



  • my dear sis, what is he threatening you about? is he the one paying your tuition fee? if you are really tired try to stop the act with a NO you meant not a NO and you are enjoying the act. i am still not convince you don’t like the act until you stop

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