Ali Modu Sheriff Visits Jonathan, Ready To Offer Advice On Boko Haram

Former governor of Borno State, Ali Modu Sheriff says he is ready to offer security agencies useful tips on how to combat the Boko Haram insurgency, drawing from his experience as governor.

Sheriff, who noted that difficult terrain of Borno has made it difficult for security agents to rout the insurgents, spoke with State House Correspondents after meeting with President Goodluck Jonathan at the presidential Villa, yesterday.

“Borno state is a difficult state compared to any other state in Nigeria. Borno has the biggest landmass bordering Niger, Chad and Cameron. It is an open border. Borno is not like the Republic of Benin with only one entrance into Nigeria. In Borno, you can enter from 20 different points into the country.

Therefore, you need a perfect understanding of the terrain. You need every knowledge that any politician has, particularly any politician that operate in Borno state. That is all we can contribute for now. What ever I can do as a civilian, I will do using my position as the former chief executive of the state for eight years. What I had seen during my tenure I will contribute to the security agencies” he noted.

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He urged all Nigerians to join the fight against Boko Haram because it is a Nigerian problem.

“It is a serious concern to every Nigerian. It is a serious concern to you, me and everybody and it needs everyone of us as Nigerians to put ourselves in a position to see what we can do to help this nation come out of this problem,” he said.

Sheriff confirmed that he has moved from the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC) to the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in order to contribute to moving Nigeria forward.

“My interest now should be on how to move the nation forward. Our interest should be on what will make the nation move forward. My decision will be guided by the interest of the nation first. My moving to the PDP is also in the interest of the nation. We believe that every time, as a leader who lead people, you should advise them on the right course of action,” he said.


  1. Jonathan should be weary of this man called Ali modu sherrif. Anyway it is a welcome idea if he now wishes to put to end the carnage he originated. Before warned is said to be before armed. Jonathan, shine your eye and sharpen your legs well well o!

    • That response was jerkish. I can see how you could infer from my previous post that I had only read the first couple of pages since that is were he harps on ovdr-croweing the most. Revolt does make the important point that massman doesn't understand the energy that goes into maintaining civilization fixated as they are on creation and novelty.

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  2. it is good but let him first confess his relationship with boko haram b/c shekau mention him as one of their sponsors/sympathisers he should not confuse the president by joining PDP and if he is really sincere in his desission let him tell the FG the names of his muslim brothers here in nigeria and outside country who is sponsoring this canage/genocide against nigerian nation,”if not he should go and seat down and waite for the day of their cry,they the north can confuse Jonathan but they can’t confuse us not in my generation,Ali modu should know that nigerians knows their borders what we need now is shekau and his sponsors both home and abroad and not’then i surgest we go our seprate ways as that can be the only option for common man so the muslim can islamize their norther region without blaming angbody for their misfortune while the south will now go to church without fear of bombs,i have told people that our problem in this country is religious/ force marriage of 1914 and not party or politics.


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