APC Raises Alarm Over PDP, INEC Collaboration To Rig Osun Guber Poll

Lai-Mohammed2304The All Progressives Congress, APC, has alerted Nigerians to a devilish plot involving an unnamed unscrupulous INEC official and PDP stalwarts to rig next weekend’s gubernatorial election in Osun State.

In a statement issued in Lagos on Saturday by its National Publicity Secretary, Lai Mohammed, the party said under the plan, some INEC IT staff allegedly handed over the entire electoral register for the state to a Special Assistant to a top PDP national official, with a view to manipulating it to disenfranchise many voters. The PDP is yet to react to this allegation.

“For those who may see this as outlandish, they should recall that an INEC official tampered with the voters register used during the last gubernatorial election in Anambra State to remove the names of many voters”, it said.

APC said the plan to tamper with the electoral register for Osun, coupled with INEC’s delay in issuing Permanent Voters Cards to registered voters, especially those who are APC members in the state, highlight the desperation of the PDP to win the forthcoming governorship election at all cost.

“The truth is that the PDP knows it cannot win a free and fair election in Osun state. Everything so far points to the fact that our party will win by a landslide if the election is free, fair, credible and transparent. In fact, a highly-credible opinion poll carried out by the globally-recognized TNS-RMS shows that the APC leads among voters in the state by 73%, compared to a paltry 19% for the PDP.

“Apparently stunned by the reality on the ground, as against the propaganda by the PDP, the party’s candidate, Iyiola Omisore, quickly conjured his own opinion poll, purportedly carried out by USAID, showing that he is leading the APC candidate and incumbent Governor Rauf Aregbesola.

“Fortunately, USAID has denied carrying out any opinion poll in Osun State, thus putting a lie to the PDP’s claim. There is no better indication of desperation than this”, the party said.

APC, therefore, called on all the good people of Osun state in general and its party members and supporters in particular, to be very vigilant in other to thwart the evil machinations of those who are averse to credible and violence-free elections.

“As we have said repeatedly, we ask for nothing beyond a level playing field for all the candidates in the Aug. 9th election in Osun State. Also, we want all registered voters to be able to exercise their franchise without hindrance, since popular participation is the bedrock of democracy.

“If the voting is done in the best tradition of free, fair and credible elections, whoever wins or loses will have no problem accepting the outcome,” APC said.


  1. Your time is up in Osun state APC….no one is supporting any political party where someone in lagos can make his wife and daughter anything he wishes…enuf of it from you people to be sharing our money in lagos bar,we are sending you packing in Osun next week saturday with our vote…we won’t open our eye widely and allow you to distroy our state for us…Lai mohammed or what are u called,we don’t want your govt anylonger,APC and Iregbe has failed us,our education has been in jeopardy yet u offer no solution to that.you are transferring the property of the state into the hand of ur leaders(Fakunle high sch to Tinubu&co Shoprite)….stop nailing INEC for what they know nothing about,go to any of the INEC office in Osun state,if u are registered,your PVC awaits u…Enuf of ur propagandas coz u already belief you’ve failed

  2. just the way they used soldier ends Ekiti State in the hand of uncrediblity man, Ayo Fayose. likewish they want to used there power to force mr killer of Bola-Ige. So that he can have more ppl to killing. already soldier have send to Osun to the job for then but they can not fight Boko Haram. They just want to create crisis all over, A man who is not competent of present on public debate not sincer man like Amechi of river. Surely they rigid come election in Osun, bcos they know ppl keep there record. But if thing keep going like this it would be well with our nation, let be awere.

  3. Using the military to scare pepple off the pollin unit seems PDP’s latest strategy. The PDP that we know always and will not stop rigginng elections. If Aregbesola han not try enough definately omisore is not the messiah. The facts are their. I wonder how some people reason and the kind of yardstick used in their analyses.

  4. Why APC has become complaint am sick and tired of their complain when ever I enter internet there will one or two complain from them do ur homework and stop crying like kids in the field,all I know politice is not for kids somebody in lagos will be insurnation abt what is happening in osun.bros I have analyse ur contributions it holds nothing absolutely notin Ekiti election was adjudge free and fair so shall dat of osun be so guyz stop crying if ur a legiable member go to d fiel and make ur vote count nd stop puffing d net wit trash.


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