Beyoncé and Jay Z’s marriage feels too corporate – Akon

Beyonce-267x300Akon who was recently  asked by TMZ to speak on all the rumors surrounding Beyoncé and Jay Z’s marriage described the couple’s relationship as a corporate marriage.

The singer also said that as a public figure the more you try to keep your relationship under wraps, the more people will dig in and speculate widely.

While Akon response might sound like he’s taking shots at the hip hop royals, I quite agree with him.

The Transcript of the interview below:

Their relationship has been more of a business to the outside world than an actual relationship.

Now, to them it may be a relationship but it was presented to the world and it feels more corporate. Let me just speak for myself, I’m just saying how it may look from the outside coming in. I think they were trying to keep that relationship out of the public and when you’re a person of interest in the public, it’s almost impossible to do it without speculation. 

So if you don’t open up to the public and let people know what’s really happening within it–because you are a public personality, we signed up for this. It’s a life we can’t run from. It’s like saying you’re not a role model. It’s impossible, right?

So, if you become a public figure and you have a relationship, your relationship also becomes public. So if you don’t open up to the public and let people understand what this is, they will naturally speculate. And those speculations are going to be complete opposite or completely wrong of what could really be happening. So now you’ve got to come back to answer or reply to what you shouldn’t have had to in the first place. 

It truly is no one’s business but it becomes a business of the public when you’re a person of public interest. So it’s a matter of them saying how do we go about moving forward, like this. Because this could become detrimental to their relationship if they’re not strong enough to keep it together. 

What they’re going through is going to make great music, it’s going to make better music.Because they have more content to actually speak about. Because they’re not the only ones dealing with it. People are dealing with exactly the same thing, just on a lower scale as far as being financially comfortable. But other than that, the only thing that makes them different from anyone else is that they are famous, they’re well known. So it becomes a matter of, how do we deal with this in the public eye without it affecting us.