Boko Haram Has 50,000 Members In Camp Who Are Ready To Die, Group Claims

The Bring Back Our Girls (BBOG) campaign group has claimed that Islamist sect Boko Haram has up to 50,000 members in its camp, some of whom are desperate to die.

The group disclosed this in Abuja, yesterday, citing Mr. Ahmad Salkida, a Nigerian journalist said to be close to the sect.

“According to Mr. Ahmad Salkida, Boko Haram has up to 50,000 people in their camps, most of them are sad and willing to die–as suicide bombers. If we’re not mindful our selfishness in not standing up now will consume us all. For these reasons and others, our advocacy must continue; we must continue telling the truth and demanding for it to be told” the BBOG said.

The group therefore urged good-spirited members of the public to join the advocacy which it said must continue until the abducted girls were returned unharmed.

“We must continue telling the truth and demanding for it to be told,” the group added.

It called on the federal government to double its effort in tackling terrorism before it gets out of hands and plunge the country into unprecedented famine.

The group also raised the alarm that Nigeria stands the risk of facing food scarcity, especially beans, which Chibok is the highest producer in the country and called for urgent measures to avert the imminent danger.

“Chibok, for instance is the highest producer of beans in the nation; the north-east the largest producer of livestock and other produce, but due to the insurgency, there has been no farming; in due course there would be food scarcity across the nation,” the group said.


  1. Desperate to die ke! Oya make dem waka go Liberia where EBOLA dey finish people fiam. Boko Haram remains devilish & demonic of the heighest order. If you guys cannot wait to grab una 70 virgins, then jump into river Niger but leave us outside una wahala

  2. If Nigeria Government can Adhead to what the IGP have said by producing 500,000 police men before 2015 poll and recurit more youth in Nigeria Army, What is the fear that Boko Haram have 50,000 members in their camp.So let people stop to scare others some of us also want to die with suceid Bombo when we get to their camp.


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