Boko Haram recaptures Gamboru-Ngala, disarms 480 Nigerian soldiers


Boko Haram men today launched an attack on Gamboru-Ngala village in Borno state, displacing many of the villagers and disarming about 480 Nigerian soldiers stationed at the Cameroon-Nigeria border.

According to reports, the attack started around 5.30 this morning in the army barracks in Ngala known as Harmony Camp before proceeding to Gamboru where they took over the town without any military resistance. The insurgents reportedly embarked on a house-to-house raid in Gamboru.

Cameroonian Army spokesman, Lt Col Didier Badjek, who confirmed that soldiers have been disarmed said they are now being accommodated in schools. Residents of Gamboru-Ngala village are said to have taken refuge in Fotokol town in Cameroon.


  1. Atau u knw all this thing dat are happening is our fault because of trust we so much hav a soft heart nd if we are a good bible scolar what is happining today wouldnt had happen but though God knw all thing dats why he inform us before time so dat we should pray nd be a good nd obediant people by not allowing ourself to be invaded or taking advantage by a stranger. Read d book of joel Ezekiel nd isaih cause there is a lot to discover. Why is it dat when they are on throne no body fight then but now cause they are not d one there abe. This boko issue is a long time plan agenda plan by d phanatic leaders nd they want to set up Goodluck abe,when dey send food stuff of maize nd rice to Jos wit weapon inside maize to be giving to there people nd d christian rice who raise d issue to be a public matter? No body abe. Let me not disturb my mind pls.

  2. It will not woh but das if we pray favently d christian man is not a trouble maker nd those not take offence when his maid is getting success but be glad he does but maybe d maid always does dat cause he does not knw what peace is.


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