Boy Suspended From School For Reading Bible During Recess


A 13-year-old boy was suspended from school after he was caught reading the Bible during recess. Plainview Middle School says Joshua Patterson violated school policy by reading the Bible in school.

School officials say the student was warned several times that he could not practice religion during school hours, but refused to comply. A letter was sent home to the child’s parents warning them that Joshua could be suspended or even expelled if he continued this behavior.

Patterson’s parents, who are devout Christians, told their son to continue reading his Bible because it was his Constitutional right. Megan and Daniel Patterson say they intend to file a lawsuit against Plainview Middle School.

“We are going to fight this with all of our might,” said the child’s father Daniel Patterson. “How can a school tell a student that something as simple as reading his Bible is wrong? We teach our children about the miraculous wonders of God, and Joshua has taken a special interest in religion. His dream is to one day be a preacher. This school has violated the rights of our child, and we will ensure this never happens to another student.”
The school refused to elaborate on why they chose to suspend Joshua, other than saying his actions were directly against school policy.

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  • That is absolutely nonsense for telling a boy not to read his Bible, can they give one genuine reason why he should not read his Bible instead of saying he violated their policy. The parent’s should not take it easy with that school for as long as am concern there is something fishing with that school…

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