Canada Condemns Ongoing Violence In Libya

Canada has condemned the ongoing violence in Libya as the country lurches closer to fragmentation and civil war after Islamist-led militias seized the airport in the capital, Tripoli.

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird today in a statement said Canada was appalled by the reported cases of human rights abuses in the country.

“Canada deplores in the strongest terms the ongoing violence and destruction in Libya and is appalled by the reported incidents of human rights abuses. We urge all parties to accept an immediate and unconditional cessation of hostilities,” said Baird.

“It is unacceptable that it is the people of Libya who pay the ultimate price in this conflict. They have sacrificed a lot for their freedom and recently elected the House of Representatives as their sole and legitimate representative.

“Canada will continue to work closely with its allies and partners to support Libya’s elected institutions and hold to account those responsible for violations of international law.

“Canada stands with the Libyan people in their struggle to defeat terrorism and violence, restore the rule of law, and build a free, prosperous and democratic society,” the foreign minister said.

Operation Dawn, a coalition of Islamist and Misrata forces, had Saturday, captured the airport in fierce fighting against pro-government militias after a five-week siege that battered parts of the capital.


  1. Are they not the ones that went and destroyed the once peaceful country. They have achieved their aim, why are they condemning them.


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