Chibok Girls May Have Been Been Forced And Made Suicide Bombers – Group

After the recent four seperate attacks by suspected female Boko Haram terrorists where 14 people died and many injured.


A group, Centre For the Advocacy of Justice and Rights, has released a press statement and said that these female suicide bombers might be the Chibok girls who were forced to do the evil act.

The female suicide bombers have attacked Kano metropolis and are suspected to be the Chibok girls who were forcefully taken over 100 days ago.

The statement signed by it’s programme officer, Pwakim Choji read: Our greatest fear is that we hope it is not the Chibok girls that are being brain washed by their captors to commit such acts and if our fears are true, then it is already a national tragedy as many of these girls are yet to be accounted for”.

They also begged the public to cooperate with the necessary security agencies and help the nation in the fight against terrorism.

President Jonathan has been told to try and end this recent phase of suicide bombing as it is inhuman.

The Chibok girls were kidnapped over 100 days ago at their Chibok secondary school in Borno state.

Despite multiple international efforts to get the girls their freedom, the Nigerian defence authority have made not much advance in finding the girls.


  • @ Gen AB, whats bring d issue of any gal with hijjab here? evin u run o u dnt wen d tym of ur death cme u wll die evin if u r on the bed of ur mother, brngng d issue of hijjab here is nt fair, cus u r refrng to muslims. think wat to say b4 u said it

  • I also pray its not the abducted girls that are being eliminated one after the other. The age range of the four cases reported so far is between 16 and 18. This is indeed the average age range of the abducted chibok school girls. Something drastic needs to be done to rescue these girls.

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