Couple Sought As Persons Of Interest In Burglary After Selfies Appear On Victim’s Cloud Account


Police in California are hoping that some intimate selfies of an unknown couple will lead them to an alleged burglar.

A Santa Clarita woman reported that electronics and cash were stolen from her home on July 30. A few days later, she started seeing photos of a couple that she did not know pop up in her cloud account. Certain cell phones can be set to automatically sync with users’ online photo accounts.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is now seeking the unknown couple as persons of interest in the case. Someone claiming to be the woman in the photo contacted KTLA and said that she’d bought a phone from someone else.

Police are still investigating and urge anyone with information to contact the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department.

Selfies have proven to be the downfall of more than a handful of not-so-artful dodgers.

Last year, a Florida man faced 142 felony charges after police took a closer look at his Instagram account.